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Flesh Fantasy
Maya DeLeina

"Audience of One"

Down,” Rhys demanded, pointing to the ground. “Get on all fours.”
I dropped to my hands and knees and arched my back. The floor was rough, a dark grained wood that felt uneven in places. I ran my finger slowly against the floor to feel deep gauges in the wood. There were many.
“Look up at me,” his voice commanded.
I looked up and watched him slowly undo his coat. He peeled the material from his body and tossed it carelessly. It sailed through the air, landing at the foot of one of the mirrors. He unbuttoned his black shirt and pulled it from the neat tuck in his pants. He stood, fully unbuttoned, but left the shirt on. He moved to his belt. It, too, went sailing through the air, joining the coat that pooled on the floor. Then went the buttons of his black trousers. He undid them slowly and parted the material slightly. His treasure trail, dark and defined, teased. It made me ache to see more.
Dreamy-eyed, I held captive to his performance. It was the most sensual strip show I had ever laid my eyes on. And most importantly, it was all for an audience of one.
“Now crawl, circle around me.”

I did what he had asked and crawled.
The wood on my knees hurt, but all in all, it was a good pain. I marveled at his bare chest. as I made my way around him. I traced my tongue along my teeth, rubbing against my upper canines. I wanted so badly to sink my teeth into that flesh of his. I didn’t even know why.
I made it to my destination, back at the point I started and looked at him like a starved animal.


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Tonight, Rain Calisto searches for her man, and Rhys Matthews comes into focus. He is well-built and sinisterly sexy. In the same Denver nightclub, Armand Anastasio searches for his woman—Rain. But the men are more than gorgeous. They are vampires, and they are unmated. A chance encounter lands Rhys and Rain together. Their attraction remains undeniably powerful and they fall prey to lust. With each passionate tryst, Rhys senses a connection that goes beyond the flesh. Unbeknownst to Rhys, Rain is a diabetic. Her insulin alters her biological makeup, disguising a revelation he isn't quite prepared for. Rain is Rhys's fated mate. As they struggle with this knowledge, another bombshell is dropped. Rain's insulin-laced tissue creates a rare vampiric blood that can fetch a hefty profit, and Armand has always known this. Is his attraction to Rain genuine, or is he just out for her blood? This is the diary of Rain and Rhys. Recorded here is their transformation from a flesh fantasy to eternal love. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

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Multi-published author Maya DeLeina was born and raised on the beautiful and romantic beaches of Oahu, Hawaii. Relocating to Colorado, Maya's crystal blue oceans and powdery white sands were traded for enchanting forests, mystic mountains and golden plains of promise.

Living just on the outskirts of Manitou Springs, the town's history of spiritual healing, eclectic flare, fabled underground tunnels and rumored lore of wizardry and witchcraft rekindled Maya's love for the paranormal, metaphysical and most of all, vampires.

One bite and she was hooked.

With a hint of incense lofting in the air and the majestic Pikes Peak sitting in picture perfect view from her windows, Maya can be found relaxing in the recesses of her comfy couch, sinking her teeth into crafting and weaving seducing and erotic tales of vampires that may or may not roam her beloved town.

One read and you'll be hooked!

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