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Blood of Luna 
Maya DeLeina

"Go wild"

Away from the carnage and destruction, we lost ourselves deep in a dark cavern of what seemed like an endless cave system. We stood under a sliver of light that pierced through a fissure in the cave, our bodies sparkling in the silvery glow.

Flashes of unspeakable pleasure travelled like lightning throughout my body, teasing and torturing all at the same time. 

Then and there, I became the epitome of wild. 

He plunged into me slowly, but unrelenting. In and out, bit by bit, devouring my body. Moaning roughly, raw ecstasy echoed in the depths of the cave. Mindless vulgarity escaped from my lips, the foul-mouthed voice unfamiliar and so damn naughty.

He was a man with an insatiable need and I was the woman who held the key to his release. 

“You have a nasty mouth on you,” he whispered in a coarse, breathless voice. 

“You do that to me. Take me hard. Take me fast." I paused, numb to the words that came to mind. "Take me. I'm yours.” 

He bent his knees to drive up into me in a slow rhythm. Unhurried and crafty, his body moved like a dancer, full of untapped sensuality. 

When is it real? When is it fantasy?

For Luna Kalen, the line between reality and a dream is hard to recognize.

Recovering from a car accident, the solitude at the coast is meant to be therapeutic. But Luna soon finds it more than her idle mind can handle.

After exploring a dangerous stretch of shoreline, Luna returns home with a mysterious man she discovers in a cave. Little does Luna know that this man is about to fill her world with sinful pleasures…and blood-thirsty vampires.

When reality and fantasy collide, unimaginable dangers lurk, revelations are revealed, and darkest desires are fulfilled. But if you think the happily ever after is the sign of the ending, it’s really only the beginning.

Should Luna have listened to the warning?    Do not go into the cave.

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Multi-published author Maya DeLeina was born and raised on the beautiful and romantic beaches of Oahu, Hawaii. Relocating to Colorado, Maya's crystal blue oceans and powdery white sands were traded for enchanting forests, mystic mountains and golden plains of promise.

Living just on the outskirts of Manitou Springs, the town's history of spiritual healing, eclectic flare, fabled underground tunnels and rumored lore of wizardry and witchcraft rekindled Maya's love for the paranormal, metaphysical and most of all, vampires.

One bite and she was hooked.

With a hint of incense lofting in the air and the majestic Pikes Peak sitting in picture perfect view from her windows, Maya can be found relaxing in the recesses of her comfy couch, sinking her teeth into crafting and weaving seducing and erotic tales of vampires that may or may not roam her beloved town.

One read and you'll be hooked!


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  1. Vampires are hot. A naughty vampire? Extra so! Must share...

  2. Yowza! Remind me to WAIT to take my shower before I read your excerpts. :)