Friday, April 15, 2016

#ForbiddenFruitFriday ♡ Find your sexy ♡ @vampauthormaya #Confidence #Sexy

Forbidden Fruit Friday

Find Your Sexy


I'm one of those born with the ability to simulate a serious medical condition to music... aka dancing skills 

And the problem? I feel good dancing and kinda enjoy it. But certain things you just can't unsee. 

Running on the beach. 

So, this involves foot work once again. And once again, I love the beach, feeling the sand between my toes and the salt air on my face. But sadly, I know I won't look like Bo Derek no matter how much I may feel like her. It's more like this...

Well heck, lets just get this list of my non-sexy over with:

  1. Rope climbing, or just hanging on a rope
  2. Running, in general
  3. Navigating stairs
  4. Climbing out of the pool without the help of a ladder
  5. Getting up from falling while skiing, snowboarding
  6. Somersaults 
  7. Squats
  8. Leap frog
  9. Waving to someone. What is that flapping sound?
You get the visual. I'm sorry.

But no matter what, I know I have some sexy in me. Recognizing this and capitalizing on advantages I have, both inside and out, overshadows my downfalls. And pretty soon, I don't see my flaws when I look in the mirror. I don't feel blah when I try to do the stuff I'm unsexy at. 

And I think this confidence is what radiates, what others see first. 

What is my sexy strength? My laughter. It's not contained, controlled or subtle. It's loud, powerful and infectious. 

And guess what?  I do dance....occasionally. Why? Because my sexy comes laughter! hehehe!

Bottom line... we all have flaws. And we all have gems. 

What will you want people to see? How much of life do you want to enjoy without worrying about your flaws? How you see yourself is directly connected to how others see you and the quality of life you will lead.

Find your sexy and seize each and every day with confidence and assurance.

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  1. I love this list. You're sexy no matter what you're doing. :)

  2. What honesty! And the waving? Made me laugh out loud. Fun to see your sense of humor.