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Maya DeLeina


"Desire, unleashed"

“You’re so enticing. Your looks, your mannerisms, your body...” Isla licked her lips. “Your dedication.”

“Yes.” The single word was laced with lust. Warwick’s head dipped, his gaze locked on her lips.

“You’ve watched me.”

“Every day.” He moved closer still.

“You wanted me.”

“So bad. And for so long.” Warwick’s lips held steady within inches of hers. “You haven’t unleashed all of that pent-up desire yet.”

“Oh, I’m about to.”

The passion spilling from Isla burned hotter than the surface of the sun and more needful than breath itself. With fast tongues and frenzied movements, they kissed ravenously.

Warwick, an Elite member of the Vampire Architects, was chosen as Isla Joseph’s Protector at the moment of her birth. Four decades later, he struggles to hide the love he harbors for his charge. When the time comes for her to learn of Warwick’s existence, lust is a beast he can’t contain, nor can Isla fight her instant attraction to this mysterious “stranger”. The pair comes together in a frenzied feast of flesh.

But their intimacy has consequences. Consequences for Isla, when she discovers her lover is a vampire…for the team of Architects, who are struggling to save her from a horrific future…for Warwick, when he’s forced to wipe every trace of himself from Isla’s memory.

Isla, Warwick and the Architects will soon discover love isn’t so easily erased. And while fate may have dark designs for Isla…destiny has other plans.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

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Multi-published author Maya DeLeina was born and raised on the beautiful and romantic beaches of Oahu, Hawaii. Relocating to Colorado, Maya's crystal blue oceans and powdery white sands were traded for enchanting forests, mystic mountains and golden plains of promise.

Living just on the outskirts of Manitou Springs, the town's history of spiritual healing, eclectic flare, fabled underground tunnels and rumored lore of wizardry and witchcraft rekindled Maya's love for the paranormal, metaphysical and most of all, vampires.

One bite and she was hooked.

With a hint of incense lofting in the air and the majestic Pikes Peak sitting in picture perfect view from her windows, Maya can be found relaxing in the recesses of her comfy couch, sinking her teeth into crafting and weaving seducing and erotic tales of vampires that may or may not roam her beloved town.

One read and you'll be hooked!


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