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~Maya DeLeina

* * *

I'm never short of inspiration. 

I find it in people, getting a cup of coffee, hearing laughter, people watching, going for a drive 

 or simply hearing a song or taking in a deep breathe of incense that quickly conjures up a fantasy setting in my mind.

And sometimes, inspiration hits me while on vacation.

And once in awhile, this vacation becomes my writing retreat...
and obsession

The Treehouse Retreat

There's not many pictures I can share of a magical retreat to the treehouse I experienced one July weekend. 

Let's just say, it was a crazy fun time. 

To this day, the girls and I- Suzanne, Tiffany and Jessica, have memories to last a lifetime from what we shared within the walls of this treehouse. 

For those of you that have read my books, you'll notice some similarities in the names of my girls with those of my heroines. 

And if you ever had the pleasure of knowing these women, you'd also quickly see that many of my heroines share more of them than just their names.

One memory I will never forget of that weekend is watching Jessica sit quietly in the corner of the treehouse, reading the beginnings of a story that I wrote. 

It's become one of my favorite photos.

Well, the treehouse experience did it for me. It's become a bit of an obsession.

I dreamt of more tree house escapes, looked at all of the unique tree houses available in the world to possibly visit for a retreat. 

In my search, I've come across some simply amazing getaways in Oregon, Alaska, North Carolina, Bali, Japan, Thailand and Indonesia. 

While I haven't made it overseas just yet, in December 2015, I did get to experience another tree house escape.

This time in Maui, Hawaii. Right at the base of Haleakala. I soaked in the inspiration of the sunrise and wrote. It looked as if I sat on the clouds...perfect setting for paranormal story.

And yes, there are really very few photos of this retreat experience once again.

I shared the experience with my husband for our anniversary. I wasn't only busy writing. Wink, Wink!


And while I'm still knee-deep in my obsession, setting up destinations to fulfill my quest of experiencing more unique tree house retreats, my first experience with the girls made it's mark in my book, Fire and Ice.

Maya DeLeina

"The Treehouse Scene"

Unexpectedly, the sound of footsteps rang out in the quiet chaos of the moment.

She stilled and listened.

The crunching snow grew louder.


“I’m coming!” a male’s voice rang out.

“Oh, thank god! I’m stuck!”

“Hold on.”

“Get me out! Please, hurry!"

“I’m climbing down to you.”

She stopped talking and remained still in her seat, listening to her rescuer making his way to her.

Distinct movements—walking, running and sliding along the terrain rang in her ear.

Then silence.

Her eyes darted in every direction. Her heartbeat pounded in her throat.

Suddenly, he appeared.

Dressed all in white, he stood at the opening of her driver side doorframe. She couldn’t make out a face from the angle, but he spoke clearly and assertively.

“Don’t move. I don’t know if you broke anything.”

“It doesn’t feel like I did.”

“You probably don’t feel pain. More than likely, you’re numb with shock and the cold.”

She shook her head. “Then I don’t know.”

He stepped back and went to the handle of the door. The frame dug into the terrain slowly, creating an unnerving grating noise. He leaned into the car, hovering right above her body as he surveyed her predicament.

The hood he wore blocked his facial features.

Without warning, he buried his arms into the snow with one sure thrust. His hand made their way to her waist and he pulled her free in one amazing and masculine move.

“I got you. You are safe.”

* * * *

“Oh shit! It’s so cold,” she said shivering, the sound of her teeth chattering together rang in her head.

“I know.”

“W-where are we going?”

“I'm getting you indoors to get warmed up. Your clothes are wet.”

“Your place?”

“Yes, my place…beyond those trees.”

She had a clear view of him now that he’d freed from the car, but his fur lined hood continued to mask his face. Her faceless hero, shrouded in mystery, merely spoke from within the hood’s confines. But unlike a masked comic book superhero’s hail and reception, he chained her in apprehension and panic.

She couldn’t tell one thing about him to forge a connection.

“Can’t you just take me to where I was going?”

“Hmmm…I don’t think so. Maybe you haven’t noticed the knee-high snow I’m walking through. My truck is buried in this.”

She twisted in his arms as he carried her, stretching her neck to look behind him. Only the roof of her SUV remained visible as it sat in the ravine just off the highway.

How’d it accumulate to so much snow? She thought.

“No, your vehicle is in no driving condition either. You’ll just have to wait out the storm.”

“But my bags. I need my stuff.”

“I’ll retrieve everything from the car. First, I’m getting you inside.”

She readjusted, turning her head back around and resting against his arm.

His grip tightened around her body.

Delicate snowflakes gathered on her lashes, blurring her eyesight. She blinked with purpose, breaking them up so she could get an unobstructed view of his face if he’d turn at the right angle.

But he never did.

“You know, people get complacent. Snow is expected in this region all the time, but they warned us. They warned everyone about this particular storm.”

She wasn’t sure where he intended to go with the conversation. Before she had a chance to say a word, he chimed back in.

“So my question to you is why in the hell are you out here?” For the first time, his soothing and calm voice rose in marked irritation.

“I-I thought I could beat it.”

He continued his trek, remaining absolutely silent.

He navigated an open field, crossed a bridge over a frozen creek and made his way through a maze of bushes and a thick grove of trees. Just when the sound of his footsteps against the winter terrain became a familiar rhythm in her head, he stopped.

She looked over her shoulder in front of her.

Her eyes meant to inspect the scenery horizontally, but what her eyes gazed upon had them traveling vertically, all the way up to the canopy of the majestic tree.

“Whoa,” she whispered.

“The steps are very narrow, steep in places and some of the stones are uneven. I’m going to go very slow here, okay?” he said as he set his footing on the first steppingstone of the stairway.

“I can try to walk.”


He took a step up.



He sighed. “It’s iced up pretty good. Do you think you can wrap your hands around my neck? I’ll need one hand free to hang on to the railing.”

“Yes.” She moved, lifting her upper body while in his strong embrace. She reached behind and swung both arms around him, her hands locking together behind his neck.

With one hand, he adjusted his hold on her as the other braced against the railing.

Slowly, he began to climb.

She held tight, observing her surroundings as he moved.

The uphill path carved right out of the side of the mountain. Structurally, it stood primitive yet sturdy. The handrails were made of sections of tree branches tied together with twine. Boulders, rocks and flat stones placed meticulously on the graded slope served as the steps. Bare trees with warped and twisted branches formed a canopy overhead, creating a tunnel-like feeling.

“This is a house in the trees?”

“Most people commonly refer to it as a tree house.”

“This is where you live?”

“For the time being.”

“I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

* * * *

He kicked open the door.

The wood rattled and creaked.

Stepping through the threshold, he walked with purpose to the sofa.

Dark and quiet, the interior held its own sense of mystery.

The tree house constructed from rustic wood pieces that varied in shades of brown. The thick tree trunk ran through the middle of the room and the floorboards mimicked the walls in the same rustic colored pieces. The furnishings were monochromatic. The area rug, curtains, fabric, throw pillow, blankets—all were in various shades of brown. Everything laid out in muted hues, not one thing stood out.

Except the scent.

Hints of eucalyptus, moss, and a non-distinct earthly bouquet lingered in the air.

“Here we go,” he said softly as he kneeled on the cushion and situated her on the sofa. His hands went immediately to the hem of her sweater. “Let’s take these off.”

“Whoa, guy. I can get it,” she said as she grabbed a firm hold on his wrist, stopping him from lifting her sweater up.

“I’m trying to get you out of these clothes so you don’t freeze— nothing else.”

“Well, I understand, but I can do it.”

His body stilled and he remained quiet. Portions of his face—chin, nose and mouth were visible, but his eyes managed to remain hidden within the confines of his hood. He got up from the sofa and stood tall. With a strong voice, he spoke with authority, “Shoes, jeans, shirt….even the underwear. Everything comes off. There’s a robe you can use hanging on the back of the bathroom door to cover up.”

“May I shower?”

“No. You’re numb with the cold and you won’t be able to feel the temperature of the water. I don’t need you suffering from burns on top of this.” He walked to a wicker basket that sat near the sliding glass door and retrieved several throw blankets. He made his way back to her and handed off the blankets. “I’m going back out to your car to get your bags. I’ll clean out the snow that got inside and patch up the broken windows with tarp that I have outside.”

“Y-you don’t have to do all of that. You’ve done so much already.”

“Do me a favor.”


“Get out these clothes while I am gone. Wrap yourself up with these blankets. No shower. Dry and warm is the goal. I’ll make you something hot to eat and drink when I return. The bathroom is right there, by the way.”

She glanced in the direction he pointed and quickly set her sights back on him. She nodded her head, but remained silent.

Her mind reeled.

Was this man for real? Was any of this really happening?

Unease coursed through her veins. She had yet to connect with him eye-to-eye, yet his action couldn’t be denied. The act of bravery alone, coming to her rescue from out of nowhere like a godsend and the strength and agility he displayed in bringing her to safety overwhelmed her. But now, the nobility he exuded put him over the top— a real-life knight in shinning armor.

He moved to the entry as quickly as he had entered the room. He opened the door and paused in the doorway. The snowfall in the background blinded in a harsh white and blurred everything around him. But his image remained sharp, prominent and rather appealing.

Slowly, he turned his head, looking over his shoulder to glance at her.

She sat frozen staring at him, her expression knowingly a mix of shock and awe.

Then he closed door.

She released her breath. One that she didn’t even know she’d held.

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Multi-published author Maya DeLeina was born and raised on the beautiful and romantic beaches of Oahu, Hawaii. Relocating to Colorado, Maya's crystal blue oceans and powdery white sands were traded for enchanting forests, mystic mountains and golden plains of promise.

Living just on the outskirts of Manitou Springs, the town's history of spiritual healing, eclectic flare, fabled underground tunnels and rumored lore of wizardry and witchcraft rekindled Maya's love for the paranormal, metaphysical and most of all, vampires.

One bite and she was hooked.

With a hint of incense lofting in the air and the majestic Pikes Peak sitting in picture perfect view from her windows, Maya can be found relaxing in the recesses of her comfy couch, sinking her teeth into crafting and weaving seducing and erotic tales of vampires that may or may not roam her beloved town.

One read and you'll be hooked!


  1. What an experience! I love your blogs. Gonna share this.

  2. Great pictures and great places to cozy up!


  3. Such cool places. Ans such a hot excerpt!

  4. What an amazing retreat. I had one such experience at a yoga retreat, Kripalu. I wrote some of my best poetry there in that oasis, without technology, with only organic, vegetarian food, and mediation and yoga that opened me entirely up to listening to the universe (if only for that one weekend). This brought me back...thank you. (You may have just inspired me for my next blog post!).