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WARNING....#hot men included. Welcome to my #sexy #Halloween costume edition! #erotica @vampauthormaya

Forbidden Fruit Friday

 Happy Halloween!

I'm sharing some of my choices of costumes that could make women drool if just the right man was wearing them. 

Take a look. Do you agree?

So, the last one, if worn by just the right man, would have me laughing and drooling at the same time! 

In the spirit of Halloween, here is an excerpt from Flesh Fantasy.

Chapter Ten 
Halloween in May
~Diary entry of Rain Calisto

Who knew Victorian period dresses would suit me well?

The corset was killing me, but the discomfort was well worth the finished product that was reflecting back at me. I already had a small waist as compared to my generous chest size, but with this attire, every curve and shape was more pronounced. And while I usually displayed some sort of modesty, I had no problem in saying that I was downright sexy. Looking sexy wasn’t even half of it...I felt damn sexy in the getup. I don’t know, donning this attire felt like Halloween for me. It was a chance to escape who I was and transform into something or someone that had a life that outshined my reality.

Oh yeah, I could totally understand the attraction to this type of role-playing fantasy now. I felt like a whole different person. It excited and scared me all at the same time.

I stood in front of the full-length mirror, lingering in admiration of the regal and lavish dress. I don’t think I ever looked this dramatic before in my life. I turned to the side. All right, so the side view left something to be desired. My ass seemed to stick out a mile, but that was the styling of Victorian and Edwardian dresses. Besides, the crinoline gathering behind me to lift the long burgundy train felt good, although I wondered if sitting was going to be an issue.

Even with my slight apprehension, there was no denying that the dress was absolutely dazzling.

My dress was made of velvet and felt luscious against my skin. It made me want to run my hands opposite the grain, to feel every tickle and tease of the plush material against my touch. The train felt heavy and extravagant. The underside of the train was done in a delicate black lace. It was so beautiful that I felt a tinge of regret that its intention was to trace the ground behind me. The deep burgundy color continued on, wrapping around my corset on the sides only, creating a deep triangle where the point ended at my navel. The inset of the corset was black satin. A damask patterning of burgundy-on-black draped down on me from my hips to my shins. The material gathered evenly, eerily reminding me of the inside of a coffin. At the bottom, sheer black and burgundy lace was layered over each other and ruffled at the ends, It was a very romantic yet subtle flare to the gown.
I decided to wear my hair up for the evening, thinking it would showcase the burgundy and black velvet choker that had an oddly- shaped cross dangling from it. The hairstyle also beautifully highlighted the off-the-shoulder and wide V-neck design of the dress.

I leaned into the mirror and stretched my neck to get a closer look at the detail in the choker.

I didn’t notice it before, but the material had a hint of an embroidered pattern in it. It looked like a series of foreign characters, a language of some sort. I ran my fingers over the choker and felt the patterning etched in the material trace the pad of my fingertips. The writings were fluid and had an ancient quality to them. I had no idea what exactly it signified or read. It could’ve said “bite me here” for all I knew. Hell, the weird cross pendant could’ve been tagging me as the sacrificial human for the evening and I didn’t even know it. All I did know was that it successfully intensified the mystery of the evening, amplifying both my apprehension and excitement all at once.

The cross and the writings were definitely number one and two on my long list of questions I had for Rhys this evening.

In this position, the track lighting in my bedroom caught my reflection, bouncing off of my diamond earrings. It broke my drifting thoughts and I was able to catch a glimpse of what the length of my exposed neck would look like to Rhys. The man seemed to be fascinated with several places on my body, all of which I expected. But with my neck, he seemed to teeter on the edge of obsession and fixation. He would linger in kisses right in the crook, where my neck and shoulder met. He would lick me raw, tracing the veins in my neck, as if trying to capture my very heartbeat. He would breathe me in, hungrily taking my essence. On many occasions, I caught him in a trance, staring at the column of my neck, passionately.

Oh yes, hair up was a good choice.

The other part of my costume that I was sure Rhys would be appreciative of was my chest. My breasts were absolutely glorious in the dress. It was like gravity had never taken its toll on my body. They were on full display, ready and ripe, blossoming out from the top of the corset. Never before did I bear that much of myself. Never before did I feel so sinful.

It was a weird sensation to have felt myself transform on the inside with something as simple as donning a costume. When I thought about it, it was, in a way, the marriage between an alter ego and a superhero. Suddenly, I felt dark, impetuous, adventurous, and naughty.

God help me. Stamp a ‘VS’ on my chest and call me Vampire Slut.

“Here you go, Rain. These will look absolutely delish-o-mighty with the dress,” Francine said as she fished out my black satin gloves from the package.

Early on, I came to realize that Francine had little quirks about her; the way she would whistle idly or insert her unique flavor of speaking, playing with word variations. All of it was endearing, upping the level of her already adorable and clever nature.

All of it was what I had grown to like. 

“Thanks, Francine.”

She positioned the long glove in front of me as she began to whistle a tune that I had grown fond of. 

The beautiful melody bathed my ears.

And while I wasn’t familiar with the song, it would be one that I would never forget. It was Francine’s song.

Francine held out the glove at a perfect angle. I slipped my hands in the opening of the glove, sliding the entire length of my arm down in the material. The gloves ended right at my elbows. They were the icing on the cake.

“All right, I want to see what you are wearing under this thing.” Francine said as she got on her knees in front of me, readying her hand to lift the length of my dress.

“Um...just black thigh-high stockings. Nothing more. So, don’t be so liberal with the dress lift unless you want to be damaged for life.”

Francine rolled her eyes. “Rain, I just wanted to see what shoes you had on. Believe me. I have no desire to see your pink palace.”

I laughed, hard. “Pink palace? I don’t think I ever heard it referred to as that!”

Francine lifted my dress slightly to reveal my bare feet that were sheathed in the black silky material of my stockings.

“I couldn’t decide if I wanted boots or stilettos,” I admitted.

Francine looked at me, wide-eyed. “Stilettos, of course. You can’t be all lazy-daisy on this detail. A woman’s choice of footwear is as important as their choice in jewelry. It says something about you, defines your sexiness factor. The boots are a sexy. But a Stiletto... that’s the epitome of a high-class sex goddess written all over it.”

“You sold me, then, stilettos it is!”

Francine retrieved the pair of black stilettos that I had carefully packed away in the box. I bought the shoes months ago when Kimi and I did our usual shopping expedition in the Cherry Creek area. It was purely an impulse buy. I was intrigued with the exotic and daring design, but knew I would never really find places suitable to wear them to.

Until now.

“My God! Rain, I think I may definitely have to borrow these sometime!” Francine said as she lifted the shoes out of the box. “And we are the same size! Yummy!”

“Like them, huh? You know, I don’t think they are in keeping with the era of the dress, but going to this ball is a good excuse to get some use out of them.”

“When you said stiletto, I had no idea this is what you had in the box. These are exquisite!” Francine exclaimed as she held the shoe up.

I watched the light shimmer off of the strands of rhinestones that formed the top and side of the shoe. I actually felt giddy and excited from a damn shoe. How materialistic was that?

I pointed my toe and balanced on Francine’s shoulder as she slipped the shoes on my feet. They were a perfect fit and surprisingly comfortable for a four-inch stiletto. She slipped on my other shoe and then zipped the back of the heels closed. I looked down to admire the view and then turned my attention to view the mirror.

Stunning, absolutely stunning.

The black velvet was a perfect complement to the dress. The rhinestone strands that draped from my ankles down to length of the top of my foot were breathtaking. I turned around to look at the back of the shoe. The sight of the heels clad all in rhinestones was a sinful delight.

Man, I really felt like Cinderella getting ready for the ball, in rhinestone shoes instead of a glass slippers, that is. 

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