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Veil of Seduction

Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we set out to deceive.

Human beings can be rather capricious and some can even be downright selfish and only think of themselves and not bother to consider what might happen to others as a result of certain actions or events.

In Veil of Seduction, it only took two rather selfish human beings to set a chain of events into motion, which might otherwise never have happened.

This is the tale where the vampires are not the monsters.

Anya stood from the futon and reached for the chenille throw. “And you know, it’s been almost a year now, and still you shy away from talking about anything related to Dominic. Why can’t you open up to me?”

“No, Anya, there are a lot of reasons why I will not talk about him. It’s exactly as you said, I don’t discuss Dominic, and you don’t discuss your crazy need to donate absurd amounts of cash.”

“All right, I won’t push it.” Anya folded the throw. “Are you gonna stop by the house tonight?”

“Nope, I have a date tonight. We’re going out for some fondue,” Michelle said enthusiastically. “By the way, talk to any of your neighbors yet?”

“What can I say? They keep to themselves. It seems I have a connection with the workers rather than the residents there. They’re the only ones who talk to me. Actually, they’re the only ones I see around. Oh, but I did get some information on the owner of the castle.”


“Yes. I was talking to the caretaker, Vaughn. He’s a very nice man, a real father-figure quality to him. Anyway, the owner is a male, single and...our age.”

“And gay.” Michelle shook her head.

“No, I don’t think so. I get the strange sense that Vaughn was trying to set us up or something. He kept going on and on about him and was so intent in watching my reaction.”

“He’s ugly then.” Michelle shrugged.

“Michelle!” Anya picked up her purse and walked over to the floor- length mirror that stood in the corner of the office. The sight of the mirror evoked a flashback from her dream and made her blush.

“No. A freak. Anya, it’s a damn castle that looks like he transported it from Romania or something and plopped it atop the mountain here in Colorado. I mean, why didn’t he just finish off and put in a moat and drawbridge in, too—call himself Vlad?”

“You’re so shallow! Besides, I don’t think Vlad’s castle had a moat. I believe Castle Poenari actually sat Cliffside. Now, the Snagov Monastery, where his tomb is kept, I think that has a moat.” Anya smoothed out her clothes in the mirror. She beamed on the inside knowing that her knowledge of useless vampire pop culture details would infuriate Michelle.

On the outside, she kept the straightest face she could possibly muster.

“Castle what? Whatever! Look, the guy is what, in his thirties, loaded, and still single? Not very likely. I’m telling you, he’s probably gay or seriously beaten with an ugly stick.” Michelle got up from the futon and headed in Anya’s direction to plead her case.

Powdering her nose in the mirror, Anya responded, “Or, maybe he’s just a good-hearted man who hasn’t met the right woman yet.” She closed the compact and reached for her lipstick. “Believe me, you can’t just give your heart to someone. You never know how true they are.”


A newborn vampire. A powerful leader. An inconsolable woman.

The shaping of their eternity all lies within the eyes. 

Steffan Matthews is the devastatingly handsome vampire leader of Ambrose Heights. He cultivates social order and invents concoctions that allow vampires to feel human once again. But Steffan also has a devouring obsession that brings him to his knees. 

Her name is Anya. 

Steffan sets out to claim Anya, a mortal ripe for the taking, as his mate. But the blackness in the eyes of his newborn should've served as a warning. 

Anya is off-limits according to the vampire creed. 

It will take the strength of the kinship, the purity of love, a hint of magic, and a subterranean guardian to shield Steffan against the wrath of Ryan Evans, protect him from the fate of the Nemesis, and bridge a passage to his rightful destiny. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

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Maya DeLeina

Maya DeLeina is a multi-published Erotic Vampire Romance Author with Siren, Evernight, Ellora's Cave and Mystic Lotus Publishing.

Her current series includes Ambrose Heights Vampires, My Naughty Vampire, Vampire Architects and Seasons of the Vampire.

Born and raised on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, Maya could be seen at her favorite beach, Lanikai, performing with an all-girl band where she played keyboards, guitar and provided vocals, working as editor in her high school's yearbook and volunteering her time at a humane society through UH of Manoa civic groups.

In 2006, Maya relocated to Colorado. Her crystal blue oceans, waterfalls and eighty degree year-round weather were traded for four season weather, enchanting forests and majestic mountains that led to her rekindled love for vampires.

In winter of 2010, she penned her first manuscript and by 2011, Flesh Fantasy was under contract and released by Siren Publishing. To date, Maya has published Flesh Fantasy, Veil of Seduction, Blood of Luna, Dark Companion, Fire and Ice and Crimson Snow.

In 2014, she banded with other Colorado romance authors to form the group, Mile High Muses, in which Maya serves as "The Vamp". Catch her Forbidden Fruit Friday blog and guests she hosts on Sultry Saturdays.

Not only does Maya have theatrical book trailers that bring her vampires to life, all of her vampires were featured in Singer/Songwriter Jill Cohn's music video "Blessing Moon".

Maya's books can be found at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, All Romance eBooks, Bookstrand, Smashwords, Createspace and more.

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