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Sizzling Passion and Deadly Deceit on Grand Cayman #SneakPeek #RomanticSuspense

Today on Tempt Me Tuesday I'm introducing you all to book three of the Wanderlust Series, Duplicity.

I started writing the Wanderlust Series over a year ago with book one, Anonymity. At first, I simply wanted to write a fun, light-hearted story because I had been so immersed with more intense, serious books up until that point. I wrote it for solely for my own entertainment, to be quite frank. I love Belize and enjoyed many memories there with my late husband. Writing Anonymity brought all of that back to life in many ways and I genuinely had fun with it.

But then it took on a life of its own. Anonymity became a bestseller for over six months straight and people started asking me if the secondary characters would ever be getting their own story. The more I thought about it, the more it became a natural evolution to write Proximity.

Outside of the books being stand alone romance adventure stories--quick reads full of action and passion--they all have a deeper theme connecting them: don't judge anyone by first impressions.

That brings me to Duplicity, the third book in the series, and the one that packs the most punch in regards to not judging others based on assumptions. We all wear masks. Some of those masks conceal a heart of gold beneath a rough exterior while others hide a dark soul capable of dangerous deeds. That's what Duplicity is all about--no one is as they seem, yet the heart knows the truth even if it's buried waaaaaay down deep.

Here's a blurb of Duplicity, available worldwide on July 11 and currently on preorder

Nothing bad happens in paradise...or does it?

Lexi Dubois is in trouble. On Grand Cayman for business, she discovers the company she's been working for is funding a human trafficking ring—and the money trail leads back to her. Scared for her life, she charters a boat for a week to hide from the men on the small island who want her dead and to buy time to find enough evidence to take them down. The last thing she expects—or wants—is a torrid affair with the hot captain and dive master.

Larry Gibbon has been running a charter dive boat operation in Grand Cayman for years. He's seen it all—and done his share of creating havoc. But when a mysterious woman charters his boat for a week—alone—he has no idea what trouble she's bringing aboard.

The ocean is vast and unforgiving, but will Larry's knowledge of the Cayman Islands and Lexi's relentless determination to survive be enough to save them?

**The Wanderlust Series consists of stand-alone adventure romance novels. Occasionally, characters from previous novels may make a cameo, but each story truly does stand on its own merits.

An excerpt...

The world dipped and tilted a little. Maybe it was the undulation of the boat or the whiskey or the fresh sea air playing havoc with her equilibrium, but tension evaporated from her shoulders for the first time since she'd hidden in a closet hours ago.
"Do you know no one would miss me if I disappeared?" she asked, leaning a bit too close to him. "Not one person."
"Don't say that," he whispered. "You remind me of someone I used to know, someone who also thought she wouldn't be missed, and guess what? We all miss her."
"I bet she was nice." She took another sip of the whiskey.
"Not really. She was pretty fucked up, actually, but...never mind. Another lifetime ago." He turned, faced the sea, and leaned back on his elbows. "None of that matters anymore."
She thought it must matter a lot for him to look so sad all of the sudden. "I'm from Dallas."
His lips twitched. "I figured."
"What does that mean?"
He laid on his back, head tucked in his hands, and laughed up at the sky. "You've got an arrogance about you that screams Texan."

"Oh, really? Well, then let me ana-um-ana-analyze you." She tossed the now empty bottle aside and twisted to look at him. "You've got Californian written all over you. Am I right?"
He held up his tattooed arms and pretended to study his ink in the moonlight.
She laughed and punched him in his side. "You're a smartass."
"Better than a dumbass I always say."
She hesitated, torn between emotion and logic. Whiskey warmed her from the inside out. "I've made a lot of questionable decisions today."
She crawled over him and kissed him, never one to shy away from what she wanted even in the face of a life-threatening situation. She wanted—no, needed—to forget it all for awhile.
She wanted to feel, not think.
"Careful, Lex," he muttered against her mouth, not making a move to touch her. "You can't undo this."
"I bet you're wild." She sucked on his bottom lip, looking him in the eye through the shadows.
"Slumming are you?" He quirked an eyebrow, his breath hot on her skin.
"Make me forget." She licked her tongue over his lips and pressed her hips against his.
"That's the whiskey talking."
"Who the hell cares?"
"I do." He grabbed the back of her head, fisting his hands in her hair and held her face a whisper away from his. "Do you really want to know how wild I can be? I'm not the kind of guy who holds back."
"Show me."
He ground his mouth against hers in a kiss designed to scare her with its force.
It didn't.
Rather, it intensified the desire burning in her gut.
Tongues slipped over one another. Breath meshed. Lips smashed. Hips ground together through their clothing.
He rolled her over onto her back. Her skull ached from where he pulled her hair. His eyes glittered in the moonlight.
"I'm not one of the nice guys who play fair," he warned.
"Who said I liked nice guys?" She reached for the snap of his jeans and pulled it open. "And why in the hell do you think I play fair?"
He smiled, reached for the neckline of her shirt, ripped it down the center, and tossed the pieces of fabric aside. Without hesitating, he dipped his head and nibbled her neck while his hands claimed her bare breasts.
She arched upward, craving skin-on-skin, needing the feel of his hard body pressing into hers. The sea breeze kissed her nude torso, the coolness contrasting sharply with the heat of his mouth on her flesh.
She mimicked him by reaching up to the neckline of his already torn t-shirt and ripping it off of him. Shreds of material blew away in the wind. Sinking her teeth into his shoulder, she moved her hands frantically over his wide back. The more she felt, the more she hungered for more of him, all of him.
In a daze of whiskey and desire, she dropped the back of her head onto the cool surface of the boat as his mouth claimed her breast. Eyes open, she stared at the stars and sighed when he dipped a hand inside her shorts.
"We should go to the bedroom," he muttered against her lips. "We might fall overboard."
              "I can swim." She smiled against his mouth. 

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Check out the entire series and excerpts from each book on the website: http://goo.gl/UQlx9m

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