Friday, June 5, 2015

The Vamp's #KipWinger day revisited @vampauthormaya #colorado #music


My Kip Winger day revisited 

A dream, 23 years in the making....

When I say the words Winger, two things happen: men snicker and women sigh. I guess being one of the glam bands from the 80’s doesn’t score a lot of points for men.

As if I care.

I was 17 when I saw Kip Winger in the video “Seventeen” and “Headed for a Heartbreak”. I remember staring at the TV, absolutely mesmerized with his hair, eyes, and hairy chest. I even caught myself drooling. And all these pulses of happy electricity raced through my body that I never felt before. C’mon- I was only 17! Ta-dum-dum [rim shot].  From that moment on, I followed that man with an obsession. I do believe Kip Winger is why I am partial to men with scruff, hairy chests and long locks to this day! 

I diligently saved my money, buying Winger album after album. Then, I had to save even more money to replace the cassette tapes a few times over because I wore all of them out.  I was absolutely captivated with his lyrics and music. But with titles catching my eye like HUNGRY, YOU ARE THE SAINT, I AM THE SINNER, CAN’T GET E’NUFF, IN MY VEINS, and SPELL I’M UNDER, I began to wonder about myself. 

Well, I’m all grown up now and I write naughty vampire books. I craft titles to be eye-catching, just like the song titles of Kip’s that caught my eyes. And my vampire characters? Well, they sport some Kip Winger’ish features for sure!  

On January 20, 2013, my dream of meeting this man that I had since I was 17 came true.  
Argh! Did I just reveal my age? *cringe* . Right, as if the 'cassette tape' reference didn't clue you in that I'm old as fricken dirt. Anyway, click to see the entire photo album.

He is still sexy and can still rock. Best of all- he revealed one of his secret passions to me. 


He also clued me into a few things about him related to vampires, but I will keep that as my private keepsake. 

So meeting my 80’s crush has not only fulfilled a dream 23 years in the making, it has inspired me with a new WIP that I will start shortly. 

What is it about? Why a diverse vampire rocker of course!
Haydn- coming soon!

Thank you for the inspiration Kip!


For my friends in Colorado, Kip is playing in Golden on Friday 6/12/2015, Colorado Springs on Saturday 6/13/2015 and Sterling on Sunday 6/14/2015

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