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The magic of a romantic beach setting

I was born and raised on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The beaches were my playground, though it's funny, I'm not a strong swimmer...not even sure how well I could float if I weren't blessed with two big buoys! 


Lanikai Beach has always been one of my "go to" beaches among the many available on the island. Lanikai means"heavenly sea" and one visit will make you realize why the beach got this name. 

Lanikai has one of the most crystal clear, blue-green waters with powdery white sand that typically has the beach recognized in countless lists of best beaches in the world. 

As if that isn't enough beauty, there are two islands in the background of the beach - the Na Mokulua islands.

Let's talk about that powdery sand- it's both a blessing and a curse. The sand, delicate and fine, the experience of being barefoot, toes in sand for the first time is almost indescribable. But at the same time, the fine sand gets everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE. Ladies deal with the troubles of fine sand from the beach as best they can, but it's not uncommon to still have the "beach" lingering in every nook and cranny for a day or two after your visit. 

At the very least, look at it as a great exfoliant!

Aside from that last part....beautiful imagery I've painted right? 

This is exactly why this particular beach is a familiar scene that finds itself in many of my books. I mean, c'mon, what isn't more tempting for a vampire to try to brave the sun? 

Imagine waking up to a cottage like this on Lanikai

If these views got you going, imagine a sexy love struck couple that can't keep their hands off of each other smack dab in this setting.

Well, imagine no longer.

Here's an excerpt from Veil of Seduction.


Veil of Seduction

Maya DeLeina

The sound of the rolling waves of the ocean surf was mesmerizing. Anya kept her eyes closed as she drifted in and out of sleep. She took in a long, deep breath to allow the aromatic air bathe her senses. The smell of the surf was tantalizing. The scent of the warm sunshine was inspiring. The sweet bouquet of pikake and puakenikeni was romantic. Yet, it was the subtle trail of their lovemaking that lulled her from her dream state. Traces of her Tahitian coconut lotion and his spicy cologne mixed with their raw sweat, amplifying her arousal and desire to become one with her husband once again.

Anya lifted her head from Steffan’s chest and perched herself up on her elbow, absorbing his naked form.

He lay in a pool of pure-white sheets in the four poster bed carved from koa wood. His left hand tucked behind his head exposing the definition in his arm and the endless knot tattoo that wrapped around his biceps. He was the epitome of pure masculinity and sensuality.

Anya sighed. Steffan Matthews was hers.

And he was hers for eternity.

There was no more talk about death.
After everyone regained consciousness that chaotic day in the Nemesis, Chariana and Alex explained everything to the council that proved Steffan’s innocence. The council exonerated Steffan of all the charges and moved to restore his role as leader. Eilian regained his seat in the council, and Steffan appointed Alex as Madeleine’s replacement at the precinct.

Life was good.
Life. Anya chuckled to herself. 

She had always associated life with that of a mortal. But mortality had nothing to do with life and everything to do with death. Being mortal meant everyone had a death, but not everyone had lived a life.

And immortality is where she found her life to live.

Anya looked down at Steffan and kissed him gently on the forehead. “Good morning, my wife.” Steffan smiled at Anya, lazily coming out of his sleep.

“Good morning, my husband.”

Steffan pushed himself up and sat up against the headboard. “I love the sound of that.”

Anya took in a deep breath. “I am in Hawaii, celebrating our marriage.” Anya looked down at her ring and shook her head.

“I wanted it for you,” Steffan replied as he read her mind.

“But it’s my third wedding. People with that many weddings under their belts shouldn’t have something that fancy.”

“Says who? I saw all of your recalls and could gauge your feelings on your past weddings. I know that you got married by a judge with Ravi. And then I saw the extravagant wedding with Ryan. I could sense what you always longed for, and I wanted to give that to you.”

“Thank you. I must say, I loved being in control of what I wanted. I guess that’s why I wanted everything for our wedding as untraditional and nonconforming as possible. The wedding planner that Ryan insisted I work with would have had a heart attack with just the mere mention of the color black in a wedding.”

“I couldn’t imagine any other way. It was perfect,” Steffan said as he leaned over and kissed Anya. “And besides our honeymoon, we have a lot more to celebrate. You and Eilian did it. I’m so proud of you. Soon, we’ll offer sds720 for sale to the families. I’m thinking about marketing this one as Defender X.”

“Why X?”

“Extreme. This is a hell of a long time to be out in the sun. I’m going to forget I’m a vampire.”

“Is that why you chose Hawaii, because we have more time in the sun?”

“Twelve hours of being in the sunlight safely? Having the ability to watch both a sunrise and sunset? Of course! I couldn’t think of any place more beautiful than this.” Steffan pointed toward the glass doors,

A look of pure delight washed over him.

“The beach and the islands right outside our door. I’ve only seen this in photographs, postcard, and calendars.” Steffan paused, in complete awe of the scenery that lay just mere steps away. “When Brynne became part of our family, I poured through her photographs to see what it actually looked like through her eyes. She would tell me all about this place, and I was absolutely mesmerized. I’ve always dreamed of being here.”

“So Brynne and Rhys honeymooned here as well?”

“No. Brynne is from Hawaii. She grew up playing on that beach right out there.” Steffan paused and shook his head. “Makes you wonder how she could leave all of this and move to Colorado.”

“Colorado is beautiful, but it’s definitely not this! And how long do we have this beach house anyway?”

“A month.”

"A month in paradise? I could get used to this."

"Anya, let's get dressed and head out." Steffan sprung from the bed naked and slid his swim trunks on.

“But, husband, I was hoping we could...” Anya responded with a pouty lip.

Steffan handed Anya her bikini and flashed a big smile. “I know my love. That is my intention as well, but not here.”

“Where then?” Anya said as she slipped on her white bikini top.

“Out there.” Steffan stepped to the sliding glass door and opened it wider, gazing at the sparkling turquoise water that led up to the two islands that sat in the distance.

Anya slipped on her bikini bottom and wrapped a gauzy white sarong around her waist. “There?” asked Anya.

“There,” Steffan replied. He reached for Anya and wrapped his arms around her waist. “Those are the Mokulua Islands. We’re going to kayak out to that one on the left, Moku Nui.”

“Oh my, listen to you with the pronunciations! Brynne has taught you much about this place,” Anya said as she smiled. “And what do you know about this beach town’s name?”

“It means heavenly water,” Steffan responded with no hesitation.

Anya turned around and looked at Steffan.

“As I said, I always dreamed of coming to this place.” Steffan looked down at Anya and smiled.


They stepped out of the sliding door. The cool grass was spongy under their feet as the coconut palms swayed above them. The air was warm and carried the ocean mist that tickled their skin. They walked across the lawn, down the stone stairway onto the beach.

The sand was fine, a powdered-sugar-like quality that extended for miles.

Anya carried the back end of the kayak, helping Steffan maneuver it down to the water. They paddled toward the island, gliding over the placid water. The crystal-clear water afforded unobstructed views of the coral reefs alive in the ocean, just below the surface.

A green sea turtle popped its head out of the water next to the kayak and startled Anya. “Look, Steffan!”

Steffan looked behind him and smiled.

Anya was full of wonder and excitement.

As they neared the island, Anya could make out the number of people and kayaks that dotted the beach on the tiny island. 

“There are too many people here, Steffan!”

Steffan turned his head toward her and rolled his eyes.

“Oh yeah. I keep forgetting.”

Steffan smiled and returned to navigating the kayak in the direction of the island.

Anya watched the sunshine beam off of his back and shoulder muscles.

Beads of sweat dripped down the defined ridges of his muscles as he paddled. She was rapt in arousal, daydreaming of the waves rolling around them as they made love on the sand.

Ummm...what happens on that Island? 


Get to Know Maya DeLeina of Forbidden Fruit Fridays!

Author Maya DeLeina- "The Vamp" 
 Maya was born and raised on the beautiful and romantic beaches of 
Oahu, Hawaii. Relocating to Colorado, Maya's crystal blue oceans and 
powdery white sands were traded for enchanting forests, mystic mountains 
and golden plains of promise.

Living just on the outskirts of Manitou Springs, the town's history of spiritual 
healing, eclectic flare, fabled underground tunnels and rumored lore of 
wizardry and witchcraft rekindled Maya's love for the paranormal, 
metaphysical and most of all, vampires. 

One bite and she was hooked.

Maya’s books have won multiple cover art awards, garnered 4-5 star reviews from critics 
and book trailer awards, the most recent for Suzanne Lucas’ production of Blood of Luna.  

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