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A Synthetic World, A Bachelor Auction, A Hollywood Actor and One Sexy #VAMPIRE CRIMSON SNOW @vampauthormaya #EROTICA #COLORADO

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 Crimson Snow 

Nicholas Jones Whitaker III lives in interesting times. 

The year is 2049. He’s a Hollywood actor with a type-casted career of portraying mythical creatures —vampires. 

But thirteen years ago, vampires were discovered and no longer creatures of myth, but of reality. The newfound coexistence has vampires inhabiting the synthetic world of Dome City. Annexed as territory of the U.S, humans are granted access to the dome and vampires, now classified as Immortizens, have passage rights outside their world, all under the watchful eye of The Alliance. 

Enamored with his vampire portrayals, the Immortizens invite Nicholas to Dome City to participate in a celebrity charity bachelor auction. Marking their first year of dome life, the Christmas event is meant to stimulate the economy and bridge the two races. 

Yet when Nicholas realizes his own celebrity crush, Crimson Snow, has her eye on him for the auction; charity is no longer his drive, desire is. 

Passions unearth. New experiences rock his world. Where human love has its limits, an Immortizens’ is boundless. 

But the invitation is more than meets the eye. 

Nicholas holds something unique that he’s about to discover and his gift to the Immortizens for the Christmas season will mark him as their very own St. Nick.

The Bachelor Auction

Chapter TwoSold

Amidst the camera flashes, relentless posing and his name being shouted from all directions for piece of his attention, one voice broke through the chaos of the moment.
“Nicholas Jones Whitaker III.”
He turned around.
Although he cringed on the inside, nothing but elation splashed across his face.
He was, after all, an actor.
“Elliot J. Mason.”
The men shook hands to the pops and clicks of the paparazzi surrounding them.
“I’m overjoyed that you accepted the invitation. We have your room ready. Come this way.” He turned and headed up a long set of stairs led to the entrance of Dome Palace.
Nick followed alongside him on each step.
Elliot J. Mason hailed as the event promoter. Since landing a permanent contract with The Alliance, he had skyrocketed into the upper echelon of arrogance—a complete pretentious asshole. He was an Immortizen and sported a rather comical and obese physique. He always found it strange that Elliot reminded him more of a pear with legs than a stately vampire. Vampires, as he’d portrayed them, always held a level of perfection in their appearance that he was accustomed to. But when vampires were discovered over a decade ago, the world learned that the portrayals were grossly misrepresented in their unequivocal perfection.
As his thoughts rolled on, he caught Elliot side eyeing him. “What’s up?”
“You look amazing. You must work out every waking minute of the day.”
“Not every minute, but daily, for sure.”
Elliot sighed. “I had no self-control. I indulged without a care. Had I known I would’ve been turned…well, I would’ve made some changes as a mortal.” He stopped at the top of the stairs, turned around and gently tapped against his gut. “Even if I wanted to do something about this weight, I can’t. I’m frozen in this body.”
“Surgery wouldn’t even work, right?”
“Right.” Elliot chuckled. “Well, just think. If you ever became like us, you’d be locked in perfection with your physique. And no more exercise.”
As the thought amused him, Crimson’s image resurfaced.
By all accounts, this meant she bloomed with perfection even before the kiss of eternity.
“So, how do like Dome City for the holidays? Quite beautiful, isn’t it?”
From where they stood, the afforded view of the city lay before them like a piece of art. “Breathtaking. Even with a light snowfall, I still can’t see the dome.”
 “Nick, we’ve been here almost a year now. Is this your first time in Dome City?”
“You never see the dome from in here. It’s all camouflaged as the sky. Sometimes it’s a bright blue with puffy white clouds and sunshine. It boasts magnificent sunrises and sunsets, the occasional rainbow or two. Then there’s rain and at other times, like today, blistery. It all depends on what the weather report called for. You should come back and experience them.”
“But this is all artificial. Out there, I have the real thing.”
“Ah, but this perfects the real thing. Out there, Mother Nature controls everything and she can sometimes be a bitch. Dome City wanted a white Christmas and they got exactly what they wanted. Right this way.” Elliot entered the building as two guards flanked either side of them.
Once inside, the sheer volume of the crowd grew evident.
“Yes. They turned out in record numbers for the event. I’m a damn genius.”
Nick laughed and shook his head as they headed to an entry that was heavily guarded.
The afforded quiet behind the closed door welcomed his soul.
“Now, I have to meet the press. Your room is the third star on the left. There’s a green screen so you can watch the entertainment on stage before the auction begins. One of the show’s producers will come and get you when it’s time for your appearance. We have stocked the room with everything you listed as your favorite delicacies in your package.”
“I didn’t receive a package. I didn’t fill out anything.”
“Well, someone did. And that’s what the staff followed.”
“Maybe Gerald did.”
“Possibly. Anyway, do make yourself comfortable,” Elliot said as he turned to walk quickly back to the entrance.
“Thanks.” He headed down the hall and opened the third door on the left as Elliot instructed.
She sat in a wing-backed chair— her hands relaxed, dangling from each side of the arms' rests. Her creamy, white long legs crossed at an angle as her long red hair cascaded down on one side, pooling into a swirl of those loose curls that he adored. On her other side, she tucked her hair behind her ear.
“Hello, again.” Her voice rolled smooth and rich, sophistication pouring from her lips in the two simple words.
He stepped backward into the hall once again and counted the doorways to ensure he had the correct room.
“Oh, Tricky Nicky, you’re in the right room.”
He stepped back through the threshold, his anxiety running rampant. A bead of sweat gathered at his hairline, his collar felt like a noose around his neck. His throat went dry. With a moistened palm, he latched onto the knob and closed the door.
He looked up at her as he locked himself away from the world with the heavenly scented woman of his dreams.
“We’re sharing dressing rooms? You would think we’d have separate ones with all the space they have in here.”
She chuckled. “Oh, I think there’s an ulterior motive at work here.”
The sexy way about her eyes played out as she spoke. In photographs, she managed to seize and enthrall. Telling, passionate and affecting, her gray eyes sparked with a sense of joie de vivre, as if her image would walk right out of the print at any moment. But with her right in front of him, the brilliance in her eyes held a soulful quality that he couldn’t describe. They were on fire, touching every bit of his emotions that made it a bit of task to hold a conversation.
“What did you say? I’m sorry. Ulterior motive?”
“Yes. You know, get us ladies acquainted with the bachelor we listed as our preference so we’re enticed into bidding wars?”
“I was your preference?”
“Wasn’t I yours?”
 “I didn’t even know who the bidders were.”
That brilliance she held dimmed and she moved to the edge of her seat, as if contemplating walking out of the room. “Well, isn’t this awkward. I thought I was here because this was a mutual selection.”
The sudden tension in the room hit him like a brick. He went into action, opening himself up to his taboo topic to avoid an indelible line between them.
“Hang on…” He took a seat across from her. “I found out only minutes ago that you were here as a bidder.”
“How’d you not know this earlier?”
“I’m not sure. Doesn’t matter, though. I’m here. You’re here.”
“That we are.”
 “And since you called me Tricky Nicky, the mystery is solved. You remember our love scene.”
She smiled, the fire in her eyes reigniting. “I remember that day, clear as a bell.”
He sighed. “I’ve been completely embarrassed about it.”
“Is that why you never spoke to me again? I’ve been confused on why you ignored me ever since.”
 “It was easier for me to deal with it.”
“No reason to be either embarrassed or ashamed.”
 Desperation to break the topic of conversation ran through his veins. He only brought up to make a point, not to relive it. “Thank you for keeping that between us, by the way. You never breathed a word to the press.”
“Neither did you.”
“Not my greatest moment. And besides, no one needed to know.”
“For two people that live their life in front of the world, it was nice to have that just for us.”
“I still can’t believe the crew didn’t know.”
“No one knew, hence, Tricky Nicky. What everyone saw were two actors, fully absorbed in the roles, playing out the emotions of the characters.”
And then it had happened.

Her skin against his lips enticed. The scent of her flesh quickened his pulse. She moaned in his ear with such a delicious, inarticulate breath of bliss that he grew rock hard in seconds.
He always navigated his roles with professionalism, separating himself from the character. But with Crimson Snow, all lines blurred and what played out on the silver screen during that love scene included no acting on his part at all.
He shook his head, forcing the memories to dissipate. “So while I didn’t select you, I think you would’ve known you’d be my top preference.”
“Shit,” she huffed.
“Excuse me?”
“Sorry. I realized that you probably don’t even know there’s rotation schedule.”
“Rotation schedule?”
“Yeah. The ladies spend time with our top two choices for the auction. On the assignment sheet, there was a gold star by your name. That means you selected me as one of your two choices as well.” She sat back in the chair once again, crossing her legs. “Even if you only mentally selected me.”
“So what you’re saying is you’ll have to leave and someone else will show up here?”
“That’s right.” She looked at her watch. “I’ve got about two more minutes with you.”
“They give us a lot of time don’t they?”
“Dangling the carrot, dear. That’s all they want.”
“So even with what happened, you’ll bid on me?”
“Let’s put it this way. I agreed to participate when Elliott contacted me. I wanted to do this for The Alliance. When I found out you’d be one of the bachelors…” She seductively leaned in, resting her elbow on her knee. “My goal shifted from the cause to you.”
He gulped, sitting absolutely still, silent and wide-eyed.
“I was surprised to see that gold star. The truth is, I thought the feelings were mutual between us, but you avoided me like the plague.”
“And you’ve been through some nasty plagues.”
She looked at him blankly.
“I-it was an observation…sorry.”
“No, you’re correct. So, I know fear and evading when I see it.” She shook her head. “No one has ever treated me like that before. And since this was during Christmas, I thought, what a better present than donating to The Alliance and giving myself a gift, too—being alone with the man that has baffled me for so long. I’ve been around the block and no one has rattled my cage like you.”
“I don’t know what to say.”
“You don’t have to say anything. Well, that is, until I win the auction and have that time alone with you.”
“I want—”
A knock at the door broke him in mid-sentence.
“I’m guessing that’s Cassandra,” she said with a hint of distaste. “I heard she’s my competition for you.”
He rubbed his forehead. “This is completely unreal. I thought I was priming to be laughed off the stage.”
“Your modesty sometimes makes you look very na├»ve.”

The knock on the door sounded once more.
He tasted the words he wanted to say to her on his tongue— the sweetness of revelation, the tang in the vulnerability.
 “I guess I need to go,” she said as she got up from the chair.
He stood, looking her straight in the eye. “Before I go and get the door, I want you to know something.”
“What’s that?”
“The feeling was absolutely mutual.”
He served her a little bite, but couldn’t find the right words in the rushed space of time to deliver the entire feast in his heart.
She smiled and took a deep breath.
 “I want Christmas with you, Crimson.”
 “I was hoping you’d be my St. Nick.”
“Nicholas? Are you in there?" Cassandra's voice echoed from beyond the door.
“Go. Get the door,” she said softly.
He walked to the door reluctantly and opened it. "Cassandra."
“Nicholas Jones Whitaker the Third." She smiled and greeted him with an enthusiasm that flew off the charts, but as her gaze turned to Crimson, she quickly dialed down. “Oh. Hello, Crimson.”
"Hello." She nodded her head in a welcoming gesture. “I’ll be on my way.”
He watched Crimson walk out of the room with her signature elegance in motion.
He caught one last whiff of her perfume.
It nearly brought him to his knees.
“Shall we sit?” she asked.
“Yes, please.” He motioned to the seating area closed the door behind her.
She sat in the seat that Crimson once occupied.
Cassandra seized her audience with her sultry voice and exotic look. Images of a belly dancer from a far away land, seducing men with their eyes and hips always came to mind when he saw her. Her long, jet-black hair shined like diamonds. Her almond-shaped brown eyes held a promise of seduction and intrigue. No doubt she decorated the room with beauty, but the fireworks in his body simply didn’t shoot off in a magnificent finale like it did for Crimson.
Hell, she wasn’t even in the room and Crimson still had a hold on him.

* * * *
He closed his eyes.
“Ten. Nine. Eight…” he counted backwards from ten with a controlled and calm breath. He stood shrouded in darkness back stage, awaiting his name to be called. His right hand grasped his left pointer finger, squeezing tightly. Even though he made his career from being in the spotlight, it still managed stir the butterflies.
“You’ve know him as Dolcen, the Vampire Hunter.”
The crowd jeered.
“Elysian, the Vampire Slayer.”
A loud hiss shook the palace.
“You also know him as Trevor Hart, Matthew Joseph King, and my personal favorite…Colten Tresnor.”
Applause and whistles echoed like rolling thunder.
Elliot’s voice was made for this. Unlike his stature, his tone wielded mystery, suspense, anticipation that captured the audience.
Nick tingled with excitement, awaiting his name to be called.
As if the night didn’t hold enough anticipation, he pulled the shortest stick backstage, marking him the last of the bachelors for the auction. All the gorgeous and wealthy Immortizen women had plopped down substantial money for The Alliance. The highest bid thus far went to his former co-star, Adrian Andrews, for a whopping one million, three hundred and fifty dollars. Although an air of excitement wrapped him in a bubble of suspense, a hint of anxiety lingered.
 How can I top the kind of money Adrian brought in?
But then he reminded himself of one thing: neither Cassandra nor Crimson had entered a bid thus far.
This is going to be interesting.
“Our last bachelor of the evening…Nicholas. Jones. Whitaker. The Third,” Elliot said with dramatic fanfare.
He stepped out of the darkness and into the breathtaking limelight.
“There he is, ladies.”
He walked down a long catwalk, feeling unaware of the motion his body took. The moment unleashed in a commanding and surreal affair, taking his breath away. All he could manage from his conscious state was to seek out the edge reflectors so he wouldn’t topple over the stage and into the blinding darkness of the crowd.
As he made his journey down the stage, he wondered where in the crowd stood Crimson Snow.
“Come right here, Nicholas,” Elliot called out.
“Good evening,” he said as he took his spot next on the stage. “Please, everyone calls me Nick.”
“You are looking dashing, Nick. It seems Dome City life has taken quite a liking to you.”
“This is my first visit and it is absolutely amazing. It won’t be my last.”
“Well, we certainly hope not. We Immortizens wish to see you under the dome for years to come and we are so thrilled that you’re spending the holidays here in Dome City.”
“I can’t think of a better way to spend Christmas…in Dome City with one of these fine ladies.”

The audience obviously took a liking to his public-relation drafted response. The intensity of their ovation overwhelmed him.
“Thank you all for your most generous hospitality.”
“Thank you from the Immortizen and The Alliance for participating. And now…” Elliot paused as he motioned for the crowd to silence. “Let’s start the bidding. Because our bidders seem mighty generous tonight, let’s start the bidding at five hundred thousand this time.”
A second spotlight came alive, showering the middle of the palace with light. On a raised platform, the bidders sat side-by-side at a long table. At opposite ends, Crimson and Cassandra perched at their spot.
Quickly, Cassandra raised her paddle to start the bid.
Crimson followed suit. “Six.”
“Seven.” Cassandra responded.
He'd been right. Things were getting interesting.
“Looks like we have a bidding war, Nick.”
“Seems that way,” he responded to Elliot.
Though he didn’t show it, his mind raced, thinking of what he could possibly do in favor for Crimson.  But there wasn’t anything he could do. If Crimson wanted him, she’d need to fight for him.
Cassandra stood, “One million, five hundred and fifty dollars.”
A murmur fell over the crowd.
Crimson sat—cool, calm, collected and silent.
“C’mon, Crimson,” Nick pleaded to himself.
“The bid is at one million, five hundred and fifty dollars,” Elliot said.
Crimson still held silent.
“Going once.”
Cassandra leaned over to look in Crimson’s direction.
“Going twice.”
“Crimson, bid,” he begged silently once again.
“Elliot. Enter my bid for two million dollars for Mr. Whitaker,” Crimson stated with unwavering certainty and an undeniable sensuality laced in her words.
The audience gasped.
“Oh, my. Two million is on the table,” Elliot said as he gestured to Cassandra for her counter.
She took a deep breath and then shook her head, signaling that she wouldn’t counter the bid. She turned her head and locked her sights on Nick. She remained poised and cool, but a quiet rage stirred in her intent eyes that made him feel a bit awkward.  
“Crimson Snow, please stand.”
She proceeded as Elliot requested.
Cassandra targeted her sights on Crimson, breaking the unsettling gaze she held with him.
“Your bid of two million dollars for Nicholas Jones Whitaker the Third is accepted. The Alliance thanks you for your charity and support.”
The audience cheered.
Nick leaned into Elliot. “Did she just spend two million for a date with me?”
“That she did.”
“I can’t believe it.”
The applause of the crowd still rang as the spotlight dimmed on Crimson.
“Crimson Snow has always been extraordinarily supportive of The Alliance…but I think this has more to do with you than charity.”
He remained silent, but he knew his animated face of confusion would tell Elliot he had nothing further to say.
 “Can all of the bachelors and bachelorettes please make your way to the stage?” Elliot directed.
One by one, ten bachelors and twenty bachelorettes filed in on stage.
He searched for Crimson.
As soon as she appeared, their eyes locked on each other.
Elliot’s voice, the crowd's cheers, the laughter and commotion— all of it suddenly faded from their world.
She held him, a merciless captive, with her eyes.
Then she bit her bottom lip ever so subtly and sensually.
He sighed.
It was the same lip biting that got him in trouble on the set that day and the image he could never get out of his mind.

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Meet the Author


Maya DeLeina is a multi-published Erotic Vampire Romance Author with Siren,  EvernightEllora's Cave and Mystic Lotus Publishing.

Born and raised on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, Maya could be seen at her favorite beach, Lanikai, performing with an all-girl band where she played keyboards, guitar and provided vocals, working as editor in her high school's yearbook  and volunteering her time at a humane society through UH of Manoa civic groups.

In 2006, Maya relocated to Colorado. Her crystal blue oceans, waterfalls and eighty degree year-round weather were traded for four season weather, enchanting forests and majestic mountains which led to her rekindled love for vampires.

Not only does Maya have theatrical book trailers that bring her vampires to life, all of her vampires were featured in Singer/Songwriter Jill Cohn's music video "Blessing Moon"

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