Friday, February 13, 2015

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Forbidden Fruit Friday

Sex and other strange superstitions

Happy Friday the 13th!

Even if you don't believe in them, superstitions will always find a way to pop up in conversation or in the media on this day. Since it is inevitable, I decided to look at the more off-the-wall superstitions out there to make the topic more interesting. 

So forget about the walking under a ladder, a black cat crossing your path or the broken mirror.

Get a load of these and their origins.

1. Have sex on Good Friday and you'll get stuck "in" your partner for 24 hours. -Philippines

2. Men that eat green M&Ms have amazing refractory periods. 
- U.S.

3. Averting your eyes while toasting will curse you with seven years of bad sex. -Germany

4. If you place the mirror in your bedroom next to your bed, you will become a sex fiend. - Thailand

5. Sex before battle will lead to defeat. - Uganda

6. If you have sex during the day, you’ll conceive an albino child. 

-West Africa

7. Masturbating into the Nile will protect against drought. -Egypt 

8. Whistle at your lover's boner before sex to ensure you conceive a male. -U.K.

9. Grabbing the right boob of the bronze statue at the home of Juliet in Verona will bring people luck in the love life. - Italy

10. Giving an even number of roses or yellow roses to a lover translates to death and infidelity. -Russia

So what did you think? Crazy, right? 

Not superstitious? Neither am I. 

I'm gonna tackle the day and....


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