Monday, February 9, 2015

#MoltenMonday Sexy Pics for the Fun of It

I thought I'd share some of the sexy pics from my image file today as I lock myself in the writing cave. I needed inspiration. What a better way to start the week? 
Happy Molten Monday! 

I'm putting together a series of fantasies that will have photos in the eBook version...a few of these are contenders. 

The fantasies are short reads...I'm calling the collection "Daydreams"

There will be eight stories total, but I'm not close to finishing it yet. I'd hoped to have it out by Valentine's Day, but that's not happening. 

Right now I'm working on Book Two of the Uncharted Territory Paranormal Erotic Romance Series. The deadline for that is rapidly approaching so it's taking center stage. Release date for Book Two is March 6! How did that happen so fast? 

I'm hoping the daydreams collection will be out by spring, but I get so distracted...

So many fantasies, so little time

*heavy sigh* I really love my job. Happy Molten Monday! 

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