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Maya DeLeina's 

Crimson Snow

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Welcome to Colorado in 2049 where life on earth seems to be something straight out of the movies. 

Forget - The Dome is the new Sin City

Crimson Snow
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Nick sat in the passenger seat of the car. He engaged his wristband Innodisys and a holographic screen projected, hovering right in front of the vehicle’s control panel. The on-screen images reflected the real time gathering crowd at Dome Palace. “Good grief. The place is packed.”

“It’s a big event for The Alliance.”

“Well, I knew that, but didn’t realize how many people it would attract. And look. It’s snowing like a bitch.”

“Check if they posted your crossing entry time yet.”

Nick hit a few buttons on his Innodisys.

The pair watched as the holographic screen split in two—one continuing to project live images from Dome Palace and the other showing a Dome City ticket displaying four digits, date and time.

Gerald engaged buttons on the vehicle’s control panel and a female computer generated voice echoed in the confines of the car.

“Hello 0223. What entry time is listed on your ticket and what is the name of your party?”

“Ticket 0223 will be for Nicholas Jones Whitaker III. His entry is in five minutes…seventeen forty-seven.”

“The car will be waiting for Mr. Whitaker on the other side of The Crossing. Immortizens welcome you to Dome City.”

The call disengaged.

“Well…that’s that. I’m going into Dome City.”


He released his nervous breath. “I gotta tell you, I hate being on a twenty-four hour clock system. It’s confusing.”

“This is part of our life now, you have to get used to it.”

He nodded his head.

“Okay, let’s do a quick review.” Gerald adjusted in the driver seat to face Nick. “Make sure you smile for the paparazzi…put on that charm for the auction. Remember, it’s for The Alliance. And use some of the lines I gave you to address the audience. Everyone will be watching. Got any questions?”

“How many times have you gone into Dome City?”

“Me? Twice.”

He ran his hand through his hair and turned to look out the passenger window. His sights settled on the extraordinary details of the dome’s construction that lay within feet of the car. He let his hand come to rest in his lap as he leaned in closer to the window to catch a glimpse of the grey clouds above. But from his angle, the dome consumed the sky, its reach soaring straight up to the heavens. He leaned back in his seat, keeping his eyes on the massive concrete footings that grounded the dome. “Reether is what we get to mask the scent of our blood. Zyther is what they get to numb their scents glands, right?”

“That’s right.”

“When do I get Reether?”

“As soon as you enter The Crossing. It’s secreted through the light rays of the pink lights you’ll see.” He looked at Nick curiously. “This isn’t anything new. We’ve learned all about this. Why all the questions? You nervous about bloodlust?”

“No. I like being prepared for what will how I prepare for a scene. I want to make sure I know what to do at The Crossing.”

“It’s pretty simple. The staff and guards will be there to give you instruction so you’ll know what to do.”

“What does it feel like?”

“Reether? Nothing, actually. It has a sweet scent, but you don’t feel anything.”

“No, I meant the sex. What did sex with an Immortizen feel like?”

“You’re asking me that now?”

“It’s been on my mind. It’s always been on my mind, actually.”

“Well, I didn’t have sex with just one. I had several. All of them were beyond satisfying.”

“And I thought I was the man whore of the family.”

“I won’t lie. It helps to be the manager and brother of a famous actor.”

“Well? Go on. Describe beyond satisfying.”

“First thing you’ll notice is their kiss. Lip to lip contact sends electrical impulses to massage and stimulate your body in all the right areas, if you know what I mean.”

“I’ve kissed one, remember?”

“That’s right. So you remember how that felt?”

“How could I forget?”

Memories poured in like a heavy rain, saturating him with her touch, scent and feel all at once by simply recalling her kiss. Pleasure held a curious sense of mystery ever since he’d met her. He couldn’t describe the exact gravity of the satisfaction. To say she felt good— that what he’d experienced defined the limits of delight, indulgence, fulfillment or gratification, seemed weak and unfit. What she made him feel deserved an entirely new word in the dictionary.

“Now imagine when they have those same lips wrapped around your cock.”


“Now the sex. They feel the same as a human when you slide in, then suddenly, whoomp.” Gerald made a vacuum noise with his mouth and he clasped his hands like two magnets coming together.


“Yeah. It’s like their pussy molds to you instantly. It’s crazy.”


“Two words. Numbing gel.”


“Yup. I learned that after I came too fast with my first experience.”

“Man, that sucks.” He shook his head.

“Let me guess. That never happens to you?”


All the while Gerald continued on about experiencing an Immortizen woman, his stomach turned sour. If only he knew what exactly happened to him on the set that day.

“I thought you weren’t interested in pursuing her?”

“No, I said I wasn’t comfortable.”

“Yeah, right, ‘cause you got more than just a boner.”

“Let me deal with this my way. And honestly, I’m not looking to pursue anything with her. The reality is…” He cleared his throat. “She’d probably never satisfy me.”

“Awfully bold statement, don’t you think?”

“C’mon. You walked in on me having sex several times.”

“And I’ve heard you about a billion times. What are you getting at?”

“You know how I like it. I like it rough.”

“Yeah. So?”

“I get off on control. Immortizens are stronger than us. I can’t sate my needs with that.”

“They’re only stronger than us because of their immortality, but they don’t have superpowers like your movies portrayed them. Immortizen women are like mortal women. Each of them has different preferences in the bedroom. Some like to dominate, some like to be dominated. You’ll have to just test them out. But, if rough is what you like, an immortal is quite resilient.”

“Huh. Guess I never thought about it that way.”

“You’ll be happy to know that the ones I have had the pleasure to be with were certifiable freaks in the bedroom and loved to submit.” He bit his lip as he nodded his head. “Oh, their wetness and when they …”

“Well, shit.” Nick noticed the time. “I gotta go. I can’t miss my entry.”

“A discussion for later…unless you experience it yourself tonight.”

“I highly doubt it.” He flipped down the visor to check himself once over. He fingered the ends of his hair securing his wavy locks in place. He cocked his head from one side to the other, inspecting his manicured beard when he noticed his hands trembling.

As his uncertainty shifted from travelling to the Dome City to whom he’d possibly run into, his nerves kicked up a few notches.

“Well, keep me in the loop of what’s going on and when you’ll be back.”

“Yup.” Nick pushed up the visor and exited the car.

“Good luck.”

He popped his head in through the open door. “Thanks. Hey, message me if there’s something promising with Rebecca’s meeting. I want some shred of good news to keep me from hanging myself.”

Gerald rolled his eyes. “Dramatic much, aren’t we?”

“Just let me know.”

“Alright, I’ll let you know. Good luck.”

He turned around and looked up at Dome City as the chilled early evening air tingled against his skin. He pulled on his collar, drawing it in closer into his face.

The sheer size of the smoky-colored glass dome always managed to spark a battle of emotions within him.

Dome City’s architecture exceeded thoughts of grandeur. The fact that a city within a city existed tipped the scale way past mind-boggling. Granted, life improved because of the funding that came along with the Immortizens, but for him, Dome City represented more than a new way of life.

It meant the erasure of his youth.

Dome City covered over five hundred sixty-four square miles and sat on the eastern plains of Colorado. It surpassed the combined square miles of the state’s three largest cities. With the government ceding the land to the vampires, his childhood home fell victim to the rezoning and his parents were forced to relocate. Although the Immortizens funded the entire relocation process and Gerald and his parents welcomed the change, nothing but memories of his childhood remained.

He sighed. It was painfully obvious that his envy for the Immortizens ran deeper than just their Hollywood reach.

He made his way, heading to the concrete tunnel that led to The Crossing. Once inside, pink motion lights illuminated above and along side him as he progressed down the corridor in a leisure gait. The sweet scent of Reether permeated the air while music, reminiscent of old-fashioned elevator melodies, piped through the sound system. As the last of the lights illuminated in the corridor, a five-step metal staircase revealed itself.

He’d made it to The Crossing.

He scaled the stairs.

The metal still vibrated in a low tone as he made eye contact with the line of guards and the clerk that situated in front of the imposing outer steel shell.

The female clerk smiled warmly which immediately melted away a good chunk of his trepidation. She had the dark, long, thick hair that curled loosely at the bottom that he liked, but it was her dimples and brilliant big brown eyes that were her prized treasure. “Welcome to Dome City. Please scan your ticket.”

He rotated his arm and waived his wristband Innodisys above the scanner that embedded in the counter.

“Thank you. Please take your position—hands up high above your head.”

He turned his sights in the direction she pointed.

Glass chambers that looked like large test tubes lined the wall. Inside, two yellow footprints on the floor served as the mark.

He proceeded to the chamber, placing his feet in position and raised his hands to the ceiling. “What’s this do?”

“First time here?”


“It’s just a protocol scan for crosses. Don’t worry. It doesn’t hurt.”

Before he could ask another question, the chamber door sealed shut and internal panels rotated around him at dizzying speed. He closed his eyes, a tinge of anxiety creeping in. The sweetness of Reether hung in the air, stronger than ever. Just when his body adapted to the whirling sounds and slight vibrations of the panel’s rotations, the spinning stopped and the chamber opened.

“Thank you. You may now exit and proceed.”

He stepped out of the chamber and walked towards the steel shell that marked The Crossing. Gunmetal grey in color, the shell stood outfitted with an engraving that sent chills down his spine. Simple yet powerful, the words spoke to the sobering reality of life among vampires.

Divided we live, united we stand.


He nodded.

The guard punched in a code and the shell separated, gliding open to the echo of cracking and creaking—the sounds of undeniable sturdiness and power.

His heart pounded in his chest.

“There will be some information provided to you. Since this is your first visit, you’ll receive the full communication cycle. Then the doors open on the opposite side to welcome you to Dome City,” the guard said.

“Okay. Thank you.”

“Enjoy your visit.”

He stepped through the entry in to pitch-black room. The steel door shut behind him slowly.

A digital voice sounded in the darkness.

“The current temperature in Dome City is nineteen degrees. If you are not appropriately attired, please visit the Dome City Outfitters on your left as soon as you enter the city. Dome City is segregated in four quadrants—Niles, Erindale, Knolls, and Brooks. Catch a celebrity home tour in Niles. Travel the quaint neighborhoods of suburban living in Knolls. Take in our magnificent hiking trails and recreational space in Brooks. Looking for a fun and excitement? Erindale is the heart of Dome City, where business, art, entertainment and politics converge. Sign are clearly marked at the perimeter of each quadrant. For Innodisys users, download the interactive Dome City app to enhance your experience.”

Disoriented and apprehensive, he awaited more instruction.

“Please stand still for your final scan.”

He stood absolutely still.

In fact, he didn’t even breathe.

“You are sufficiently protected by Reether.”

A black panel separated slowly, revealing a wall of glass.

Beyond the glass, the snowy life in the dome unveiled.

A magnificent tree, all decked out with ice blue Christmas lights and ornaments, sat in the middle of what looked like a town square. The dark brown, black and red hues of cobblestone streets peaked through the freshly shoveled mix of ice and snow.

Nick smiled.

All in all, it looked like a Christmas snow globe come to life.

The voice spoke, “You can enter the city. Enjoy you stay.”

The glass opened outwards, welcoming him to pass through the threshold. In five small steps, he entered the world of the Immortizens with held breath and wide-eyed wonderment. He took in all his eyes could afford in one sweep and then closed them for a moment.

She appeared.

Licking her lips, her bedroom eyes gripped him. His heartbeat raced and suddenly, the harshness of the blistery weather melted away.

He opened his eyes.

He not only stepped foot into their world.

He entered hers.

“Mr. Whitaker!”

He turned his head in response.

A young man—possibly eighteen, nineteen tops, headed his way, brimming with excitement and enthusiasm.


“I’m your driver. Let’s get you out of this cold.”


“They’ve adjusted the snowfall and temperature around Dome Palace to be a bit more tolerable for our guests.”

“Well, that’s very considerate.”

“Follow me,” he said as he turned around to head back to the street. “What was the temperature outside?”

“I’m not sure…thirty-five degrees possibly.”

“Yeah, that’s a big difference to Dome City.”

Nick looked up at the sky as they made their way to the vehicle. As hard as he examined, he couldn’t see it. The snowfall masked any signs of being in a dome.

They reached the vehicle and the driver opened the door for him, gesturing with his hand to make his way in. “Mr. Whitaker.”

“Thank you.”

He watched as the driver made his way around the front of the car to the driver side door and slip into the warmth of the car’s interior.

“Are you…” he began to ask.

“An Immortizen?”


“Nah. I just work in Dome City,” the driver explained as he looked at Nick in the rear view mirror.

He breathed a sigh of relief. The young man looked more like a boy and that was far too young, in his mind, to be frozen in time. “I wondered since the heat is on in the car.”

“Heat is the standard protocol for all cars or else we’d be driving human popsicles to this event.” He chuckled. “It’s not like the heat will bother them since they need those specific heat rays to feel the temperature.”

Nick smiled.

Two seconds with the kid and he like him already.

“Before we go, would it be possible to get your autograph? I mean, it’s against company policy, but when I heard you were my fare…”

“You know who I am? It’s been a few years since I’ve been in a major movie.”

“Are you kidding?” The boy turned around in his seat, his voice mimicking a movie trailer narrator. “Trevor Heart, Colten Tresnor, Matthew Joseph King and my favorite, Nicholas Jones Whitaker III is Elysian the Slayer.”

“I had some cheesy character names didn’t I?”

“Nah, they were cool.” He scrambled in his bag that sat on the passenger seat and retrieved a device that was as thin as paper. “So, autograph?”

“Absolutely.” Nick took the device. “What’s your name?”

“Skylar. But my fiends call me Pip.”


“Yeah, cause I make them laugh. You know, ‘Peeing In Pants’?”

Nick smiled as he thought of a fast light-hearted inscription to write.

“Shit. No one would believe I have you in the car.”

“Pip. How’s about I do a selfie photo on the autograph?”

Every tooth in Pip's mouth seemed to be on display with the size of his grin. He nodded his head repeatedly. “Yeah. Yeah. That would be awesome, Mr. Whitaker.”

“Please, call me Nick.” He smiled and snapped a selfie. “Are you in college?”

“Yes, I am. This is my part-time gig. You get paid more in the Dome than you do outside.”

“I see. Well, stay in school and get that degree.” He handed the device back. “I didn’t quite do that when I was your age and it’s been a regret of mine...especially when my career’s not too hot right now.”

“Not too hot? C’mon man, Dome City’s most eligible Immortizen bachelorettes will be bidding on you for a date on Christmas Eve.”

“What? They never told us who would be allowed to bid at this auction. What do you know of the women? And they’re only Immortizens?”

“Yeah, just Immortizens. Cassandra will be there.” Pip turned around, started the vehicle and pulled away from the curb.

“Cassandra? As in the singer?”


“Wow. So, there are celebrity bidders?”

“Ummm, yeah.”

“I-I thought the bachelors were the only celebrities?”

“No. They haven’t advertised who the bidders are, you know, to keep up the suspense until show time? But everyone in this is a celebrity.”

“Hmm,” he huffed.

For as detailed and organized as the man was, Gerald never mentioned a word about the bidders in the auction. In fact, he’d shared very little details about the event. Yet it wasn’t this part that had him feeling a touch disappointed. For a split second, he hoped he’d hear her name spoken from Pip’s lips.

“How is it possible that I know more about this event than you?” Pip asked.

“You know, I was just thinking that same thing.”

“But then again, I’m a driver. People have conversations in the car, so I guess I do have the inside scoop. Plus, I’ve driven some of the bidders to the event already.”

Nick chuckled. “You must have interesting tales to tell.”

“That I do. Oh, and one of my favorites will be a bidder, too.”

“Who is that?”

“Crimson Snow.”

His stomach dropped, as if he just plummeted down the track of the tallest roller coaster ride.

“A-are you serious?” His heart raced. He grappled with his necktie, feeling suddenly confined, restricted and uncomfortably warm.

“Yeah.” Pip’s eyes on him in the rear view mirror where like targeted missiles. “Oh, you got a thing for her, too, Nick?”

“I worked with her before. And yes, I have a bit of a celebrity crush.”

“That’s right…on that movie Nightshift,” he said with marked enthusiasm, “you guys had that hot love scene.”

“I did. I was nervous as hell.”

“You knew people always talked about that scene right? That maybe you two had something going on?”

“I heard the rumors.” He nodded his head.

“So, not true?”

“Not true.”

“Well, that was some great acting then.”

He chuckled and smiled. “Thanks”

“How was she, you know, in person?”

“Very reserved. She kept to herself. But then again, this was all before Dome City was complete and they were officially Immortizens.”

“Well, I tell you what. Crimson Snow can be my cougar anytime. You know she’s over two hundred years old?”

“I read that somewhere. She’d be interesting to talk to for sure, but I think I’d be too blinded by her beauty to form a single thought without a script.”

“You better get ready. What if she bids on you?”

Unknowingly, the rollercoaster that took him on a ride earlier had rounded the course and climbed back to the top of the track. Holding steady in the quiet anticipation, the thought of her winning his company for the evening toppled the balance. Over the edge his emotions went, barreling down the track at a roaring and take-your-breath-away speed.

“You okay back there?” Pip’s eyes in the rear view mirror zeroed in on him.

“What was that?”

“I asked, what if she bids on you?”

“Do you know who the other bachelors are? I think I’ll probably pull in the lowest amount for The Alliance. In fact, I feel like a fish out of water.”

“Are you kidding? Everyone in Dome City is talking about you.”

“They are?”

“Ummm, yeah.”

“My manager hadn’t said anything to me…and he’s my damn brother.” Nick shook his head, searching for yet again for a reason why the event and its details blindsided him. “Why me?”

“Think about it.”

“What…my vampire roles?”

“Yes. They take interest in you.”

“But I’m not a vampire. I’m a…faux vampire. It’s only acting.”

Engrossed in the conversation, Nick didn’t notice any of the subtle changes in weather during the drive until he finally looked out the window.

The snow came down now only as a subtle ornamentation to shape the mood for Christmas Eve.

And Dome Palace lay right up ahead.

The crowd grew in size since he’d last sneaked a peek from beyond the dome. People dotted the landscape fronting the entry. An unexpected way to spend the holiday, he thought. He wondered where all the family traditions had gone. But then again, this was Dome City. Traditions had yet to be formed.

“Here we are. Dome Palace. Sit tight. I’ll step around and get your door.” Pip sprang into action and fetched the door open for Nick.

Something about a well-tailored suit magnified his invincibility, as if donning armor that shielded his trepidation, doubt and even the hint of fear.

He may have woke in shambles, but the foot he placed on the red carpet was that of a much different man.

Debonair, sophisticated and utterly gorgeous, he epitomized the male form of breathtaking.

“I like you Pip. Thank you.”

“The fare just before yours Nick...I learned something.”

“What’s that?” he asked as he smiled for the paparazzi.

“Crimson Snow. She’s taken an interest in you, too."

As if adrenaline pumping into his system wasn’t enough to threaten his composure, the thought of Crimson Snow just about made him buckle on the spot.

Chapter Two

     Amidst the camera flashes, relentless posing and his name being shouted from all directions for piece of his attention, one voice broke through the chaos of the moment.

“Nicholas Jones Whitaker III.”

He turned around.

Although he cringed on the inside, nothing but elation splashed across his face.

He was, after all, an actor.

“Elliot J. Mason.”

The men shook hands to the pops and clicks of the paparazzi surrounding them.

“I’m overjoyed that you accepted the invitation. We have your room ready. Come this way.” He turned and headed up a long set of stairs led to the entrance of Dome Palace.

Nick followed alongside him on each step.

Elliot J. Mason hailed as the event promoter. Since landing a permanent contract with The Alliance, he had skyrocketed into the upper echelon of arrogance—a complete pretentious asshole. He was an Immortizen and sported a rather comical and obese physique. He always found it strange that Elliot reminded him more of a pear with legs than a stately vampire. Vampires, as he’d portrayed them, always held a level of perfection in their appearance that he was accustomed to. But when vampires were discovered over a decade ago, the world learned that the portrayals were grossly misrepresented in their unequivocal perfection.

As his thoughts rolled on, he caught Elliot side eyeing him. “What’s up?”

“You look amazing. You must work out every waking minute of the day.”

“Not every minute, but daily, for sure.”

Elliot sighed. “I had no self-control. I indulged without a care. Had I known I would’ve been turned…well, I would’ve made some changes as a mortal.” He stopped at the top of the stairs, turned around and gently tapped against his gut. “Even if I wanted to do something about this weight, I can’t. I’m frozen in this body.”

“Surgery wouldn’t even work, right?”

“Right.” Elliot chuckled. “Well, just think. If you ever became like us, you’d be locked in perfection with your physique. And no more exercise.”

As the thought amused him, Crimson’s image resurfaced.

By all accounts, this meant she bloomed with perfection even before the kiss of eternity.

“So, how do like Dome City for the holidays? Quite beautiful, isn’t it?”

From where they stood, the afforded view of the city lay before them like a piece of art. “Breathtaking. Even with a light snowfall, I still can’t see the dome.”

“Nick, we’ve been here almost a year now. Is this your first time in Dome City?”


“You never see the dome from in here. It’s all camouflaged as the sky. Sometimes it’s a bright blue with puffy white clouds and sunshine. It boasts magnificent sunrises and sunsets, the occasional rainbow or two. Then there’s rain and at other times, like today, blistery. It all depends on what the weather report called for. You should come back and experience them.”

“But this is all artificial. Out there, I have the real thing.”

“Ah, but this perfects the real thing. Out there, Mother Nature controls everything and she can sometimes be a bitch. Dome City wanted a white Christmas and they got exactly what they wanted. Right this way.” Elliot entered the building as two guards flanked either side of them.

Once inside, the sheer volume of the crowd grew evident.


“Yes. They turned out in record numbers for the event. I’m a damn genius.”

Nick laughed and shook his head as they headed to an entry that was heavily guarded.

The afforded quiet behind the closed door welcomed his soul.

“Now, I have to meet the press. Your room is the third star on the left. There’s a green screen so you can watch the entertainment on stage before the auction begins. One of the show’s producers will come and get you when it’s time for your appearance. We have stocked the room with everything you listed as your favorite delicacies in your package.”

“I didn’t receive a package. I didn’t fill out anything.”

“Well, someone did. And that’s what the staff followed.”

“Maybe Gerald did.”

“Possibly. Anyway, do make yourself comfortable,” Elliot said as he turned to walk quickly back to the entrance.

“Thanks.” He headed down the hall and opened the third door on the left as Elliot instructed.


She sat in a wing-backed chair— her hands relaxed, dangling from each side of the arms' rests. Her creamy, white long legs crossed at an angle as her long red hair cascaded down on one side, pooling into a swirl of those loose curls that he adored. On her other side, she tucked her hair behind her ear.

“Hello, again.” Her voice rolled smooth and rich, sophistication pouring from her lips in the two simple words.

He stepped backward into the hall once again and counted the doorways to ensure he had the correct room.

“Oh, Tricky Nicky, you’re in the right room.”

He stepped back through the threshold, his anxiety running rampant. A bead of sweat gathered at his hairline, his collar felt like a noose around his neck. His throat went dry. With a moistened palm, he latched onto the knob and closed the door.

He looked up at her as he locked himself away from the world with the heavenly scented woman of his dreams.

“We’re sharing dressing rooms? You would think we’d have separate ones with all the space they have in here.”

She chuckled. “Oh, I think there’s an ulterior motive at work here.”

The sexy way about her eyes played out as she spoke. In photographs, she managed to seize and enthrall. Telling, passionate and affecting, her gray eyes sparked with a sense of joie de vivre, as if her image would walk right out of the print at any moment. But with her right in front of him, the brilliance in her eyes held a soulful quality that he couldn’t describe. They were on fire, touching every bit of his emotions that made it a bit of task to hold a conversation.

“What did you say? I’m sorry. Ulterior motive?”

“Yes. You know, get us ladies acquainted with the bachelor we listed as our preference so we’re enticed into bidding wars?”

“I was your preference?”

“Wasn’t I yours?”

“I didn’t even know who the bidders were.”

That brilliance she held dimmed and she moved to the edge of her seat, as if contemplating walking out of the room. “Well, isn’t this awkward. I thought I was here because this was a mutual selection.”

The sudden tension in the room hit him like a brick. He went into action, opening himself up to his taboo topic to avoid an indelible line between them.

“Hang on…” He took a seat across from her. “I found out only minutes ago that you were here as a bidder.”

“How’d you not know this earlier?”

“I’m not sure. Doesn’t matter, though. I’m here. You’re here.”

“That we are.”

“And since you called me Tricky Nicky, the mystery is solved. You remember our love scene.”

She smiled, the fire in her eyes reigniting. “I remember that day, clear as a bell.”

He sighed. “I’ve been completely embarrassed about it.”

“Is that why you never spoke to me again? I’ve been confused on why you ignored me ever since.”

“It was easier for me to deal with it.”

“No reason to be either embarrassed or ashamed.”

Desperation to break the topic of conversation ran through his veins. He only brought up to make a point, not to relive it. “Thank you for keeping that between us, by the way. You never breathed a word to the press.”

“Neither did you.”

“Not my greatest moment. And besides, no one needed to know.”

“For two people that live their life in front of the world, it was nice to have that just for us.”

“I still can’t believe the crew didn’t know.”

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