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Mindless passion or sobering reality- #Condoms in #Erotica with Bobi Sextun @vampauthormaya #MustRead


The Vamp, Maya DeLeina, hosts Author 

Bobi Sextun for the Mile High Muses' Sultry Saturday spotlight. 


Ms.  Sextun  is here to share her views on the use of Trojans in Erotic fantasy tales. 

Oh, you're gonna enjoy this one. Get ready for a good time.


Coitus Interrupt Us, Literary Style

With a savage abandon that took her breath, the rogue ripped apart her blouse as if it were tissue paper.  She could feel the heat of his eyes devouring her freed breasts.  They swelled, the nipples peaking beneath this powerful man’s leer.  One that swore to both her and the gods that he would not be denied the lust scorching his loins.
Her pantaloons were next; he left them in tatters.  Lifting her by her waist, he flung her back onto the bed.  Never before had she been so swept away, so breathtakingly overwhelmed by a man’s primal need for her.  In an instant, he stood naked before her.  Every muscle in his magnificent body strained for her.  Every vein engorged and pulsed with a frightening intensity.  His manhood jerked with desire, a beautiful divining rod seeking the moisture pooling between her thighs.
A sheepish grin curled his firm, full lips.  “Excuse me, love, it seems I’ve blundered off without a condom.  You wouldn’t happen to have an extra rubber lying about, would you?”

And scene.

Okay, so maybe I took it a little over the top. But this is how it feels when a Trojan is introduced in these erotic fantasies-cum-cautionary tales. Like me and my lover are twisted into a sweaty flesh pretzel and somebody throws a pitcher of ice water on us.

But to each his or her own. We all write for different purposes, reasons, agendas. Hey, variety is the spice. Me, I write because I want to create sweeping, romantic, erotic worlds a reader can get lost in. Escape from this one. My passion is to inspire mindless passion, not to soberly remind everyone to keep their sex safe.

When I first started writing, I read everything I could get my hands on about the art of crafting fiction. One of the biggest no-no’s was “author intrusion.” Anytime you can see the writer at work, he or she has blown it big-time. They’ve broken the suspension-of-disbelief spell. If I detect the writer crouching behind her words, peeking out between the lines at me, teaching or preaching, I’ll go watch Maury.

The Wizard chided Dorothy and her pals to “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” Because, once you see him working all those levers, the jig is up. The magic goes poof.

 I just published Shalah, a steamy romance set in 913. I thought it would be fun to create a historical that takes place in caves and lairs instead of drawing rooms and boudoirs. Mount Kazahr may be frigid, but Shalah certainly isn’t. I’ve got a hero named Hemlon and a baddie called Rolfmuke. I promise you that both of them go commando when it comes to, well, coming.

Did they even have condoms back then? Since synthetic rubber wasn’t invented until the early 1900s, I’m thinking any prophylactics in the tenth century would have been made of either wool or tree bark.

Makes my eyes water just to think about it.

Author Bio:

By the age of 23, I had studied accounting in college and set my sights on being a C.P.A. I was on my way to an interview when one of those 18-wheel trucks ran a stop light and creamed my little Honda. I was knocked into a coma.

Three months later, when I opened my eyes, I couldn't bear the thought of double-entry ledgers and accounts receivable. I wanted to tell stories. Tales that contain characters that you care about placed in universal, relatable situations while having world-rocking sex. I write steamy, erotic romance. But my novels, short stories and novellas are chock full of humor, mystery, suspense and intrigue as well.

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Maya DeLeina is a multi-published Erotic Vampire Romance Author with Siren, EvernightEllora's Cave, and Mystic Lotus Publishing.

Born and raised on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, Maya could be seen at her favorite beach, Lanikai, performing with an all-girl band where she played keyboards, guitar and provided vocals, working as editor in her high school's yearbook  and volunteering her time at a humane society through UH of Manoa civic groups.

In 2006, Maya relocated to Colorado. Her crystal blue oceans, waterfalls and eighty degree year-round weather were traded for four season weather, enchanting forests and majestic mountains which led to her rekindled love for vampires.

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  1. Sometimes condom use in erotica can be significant as a character point; in my WIP, one person's pathological about packing and using condoms because of a pivotal event in their past. (No, not a pregnancy.) In another scene, a note on a box of condoms is a low-key way to set the scene for a meet-the-family moment and signal that family member's philosophy.

    Besides, using a condom in a scene doesn't have to be preachy or distracting, any more than grabbing the lube for an anal scene is. It's part of the prep, grab it and go. You can even use it as foreplay, for that matter. So, no - I reject the premise that you can't have hot sex scenes that feature condom use. It's certainly possible to have their appearance be a bucket of ice water, but it doesn't have to be that way...