Thursday, January 29, 2015

Self-love and #erotica ....they go...well, hand in hand! Friday Funnies- Hilarious #masturbation scenes #sexuality @vampauthormaya


Masturbation and Erotica

Self-love and erotica... they just go, well, hand-in-hand! 

Okay, so if the thought of double clicking your mouse never crossed your mind after reading a hot, romantic and utterly steamy scene with the perfect man or woman, I trust you. 


Did I just make you uncomfortable? Get over it!

There is nothing wrong in finding enjoyment in this week's post or even admitting to having the thought of self-love run through your mind one time or another. I'm not asking you to admit to it! LOL!

And equally as important...there's nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed with the mention of masturbation. In fact, stroking the one-eyed snake or polishing your pearl has many positive and healthy aspects. 

Don't believe me? Read this.

This post is all about fun and being open-minded- free of any hangups with sex. 

So in-keeping with my openness about sexuality combined with my humor, I give you:

Hilarious Masturbation Scenes

Hopefully I tickled your funny bone for this Friday. And since we are heading into that glorious event call THE WEEKEND, let me tempt you with some of my book trailers to see if you'd be inclined to sate anything else.  

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