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A bound #vampire in the the middle of the night. Watch bites! FIRE AND ICE #erotica @vampauthormaya

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The handcuff scene from FIRE AND ICE

“Holy shit!” she whispered to herself.

In the thick of his comforter, she shivered from the cold. An ache burrowed down to her bones and it woke her from a dead sleep.

“Grayson?” she called out.

She stilled and listened.


“Grayson?” she called out a little louder.

Still nothing.

She got up and wrapped the comforter tightly around her body. She grabbed the lantern and made her way down the stairs.

The flickering light picked up on her breath expelling into the frigid air. She exhaled forcibly, the mist releasing from her lips as if a cloud-breathing dragon. She grasped the metal rails and a stinging pain met her flesh from the frost that collected.

“Damn!” she whispered.

Reaching the end of the staircase, the darkness of the room suffocated the faint light. She directed the lantern to shine in the direction of the sofa.

It was empty.

“Grayson?” she whispered in a bit of a panic.


His soft and sleepy voice came from the far corner of the room and she turned in the direction.

He slumped in the leather reading chair near the windows. One hand relaxed over the arm of the chair, directing his lean to favor that direction. The other rested at his crotch as if safeguarding his treasure.

The simple fact that he touched himself stirred a fire in her to the point that she almost forgot about the cold.

Her heart raced. She licked her lips.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“What are you doing?” she responded, directing her eyes at his crotch.

He looked down, following the direction of her eyes and moved nervously when he realized he’d been cupping the length of his cock.

And that’s when she saw it.

“Grayson! Handcuffs?”

Even if faint, the glow revealed the emotions splashed across his face. He appeared well beyond embarrassed, on the cusp of freaking out.

He restrained his right arm, handcuffing himself to a metal chain attached to an iron rung that jutted from the wooden floor. He pulled on the chains. “Pass me the key please. They’re right there next to the basket on the floor.” He nodded his head in the direction of the key.

Noel looked to her side and saw the key. She turned back to him, her brows scrunched and her face uneasy. “Why are you handcuffed? What’s going on?”

“Pass me the key, Noel.”

“Why can’t you answer me? Where’d you get handcuffs anyway?”

“Forget it.” He dragged the chair, letting his right arm dangle behind him.

She quickly estimated that he could reach the key with a good stretch, so she kicked it away without a second thought. She watched it slide across the wooden floor, coming to rest behind her.

Her nervous breath intensified and her gaze drifted back on him.

He looked back at her with infuriated eyes that slowly turned to dread.

“Why did you do that?”

“Why can’t you tell me why you’re handcuffed?”

“They were for you.”


“To protect you,” he paused and took a breath, “from me.”

She shook her head.

“I wanted to make sure I didn’t get up and go to you in the middle of the night.”

“But I wanted you to.”

“Why are you up? You need rest,” he said with agitation.

“I’m too cold.”

Grayson shook his head. “Damn it. I’m sorry. I’m supposed be watching out for you. I didn’t even bother to ask you if you were warm enough.”

“Can you make a fire?”

He looked at the fireplace with apprehension. He glanced back at her. “Y-you’d have to do it. I’d set the place on fire.”

She cocked her head. “You have this tree house in a remote part of the mountains. Are you saying you don’t know how to start a fire?”

“No. What I’m saying is if you want the fire, you’ll have to do it, okay?”

“You’re not cold?”

“I’m never cold. I’m fine. But you’re not. Start the fire.”

She bent down and reached for the materials near the hearth to start the fire.

“Can you unlock me first?”

“No,” she whispered softly as she continued her task.


“That’s right.”

In no time she got the fire started.

The crisp crackling sound played out like music to her ears. Something indescribable in the way the wood popped soothed her, conjuring up feel-good memories from childhood campfires to her first winter in Colorado.

She took in a deep breath.

The striking hickory scent hit her first, then a mild fruitiness. With each whiff, the aroma caused goose bumps to swathe her skin in a pleasing tingle sensation. It rang earthy, with minty notes, reminding her of her grandmother’s cupboards.

Then she looked around her.

The glow washed the space in the splendor of crimson and orange, summoning the room’s objects to come alive in the cast of shadows. The warmth quickly took hold, taking the marked chillness out of the air.

She got up and slowly backed away from the fireplace. She watched the mesmerizing flames as the heat soaked through the comforter, warming her down to the bones.

All of it set the stage—the right kind of ambience for romance.

No matter his words of denial, everything about him told her that he wanted her. She faced Grayson and dropped the comforter from over her shoulders, exposing the robe that loosely tied around her waist. “Now. You did this all for me?”

“Noel,” he said in a cautious tone.

“Tell me, what were you going to do if you came to my bed?”

“Bad things.”

She bit her bottom lip and untied her robe. The garment hung loosely from her shoulders but gave him a clear indication that she wore nothing but her birthday suit underneath.

His eyes widened in delight.

Seeing him, seeing her made her nipples hardened in an instant.

“My God, you’re beautiful. Your body…”

“You want me. I want you." She walked slowly towards him.

He pushed back, sitting up straight in the chair. “We can’t.”

“Shhh...” She closed in on him. Placing one hand on each knee, she spread his legs apart. She fitted her body between his legs and kneeled down on the floor.

He leaned in close to her. “I have only one hand free, Noel. I handcuffed myself to the floor.”

“And?” she whispered.

“I-I don’t know. I can’t even think. You don’t know what you’re doing to me.”

She tilted her head up in his direction, letting her mouth linger right in front of his. She held her position, careful not to allow their lips to touch. “Do you really want me to stop?”

“Yes,” he sighed into her mouth, “no.”

She teased him, allowing her lip to gently graze his and pulling back as soon as they made contact. Each time she taunted, she looked him squarely into the eyes.

He looked back at her, full of lust and desire.

She gave him a little bit more of her kiss. And when she dipped her tongue into his mouth, the pent up desire they held for one another unleashed like a raging wildfire.

She cupped his face with both hands. The rasp of his beard against her fingers tantalized.

His lips were soft, his moans rough and intoxicating. His tongue entered her mouth, pushing deep inside, begging to become a part of her. Magnificent and breathtaking, his lust made every kiss she’d experienced in her past seem like child’s play. He gave her the ravishing kiss she’d always dreamed about.

They parted lips.

“May I touch you?”

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Noel Tierney thought she’d have enough time before the predicted storm to make it to her holiday retreat, but the snow hit sooner than expected. Caught unprepared on a treacherous pass, poor visibility and icy conditions lead to a crash. She lay immobile in her vehicle, stranded in a ditch in the most remote leg of her journey.

A faceless hero comes to her rescue and Noel has no choice but to wait out the blizzard in her rescuer’s unique cabin nestled in the woods. Everything about Grayson James peaks her curiosity—his valor, air of mystery and most of all, undeniable attractiveness.

For three days and nights, passions are unleashed and unexpected emotions are brought to life. When the storm breaks, Grayson vanishes into thin air, but not before revealing startling news that leaves her questioning her sanity.

Fast forward years later and Noel is in the southernmost part of the United States. She’d come seeking solace after her husband’s tragic death, but what finds her in Key West is more than she ever anticipated.

In the sultry summer, her unbridled winter’s ecstasy resurrects.

And so does the Vampire.

Maya DeLeina

Maya DeLeina is a multi-published Erotic Vampire Romance Author with Siren,  Evernight and Ellora's Cave Publishing.

Born and raised on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, Maya could be seen at her favorite beach, Lanikai, performing with an all-girl band where she played keyboards, guitar and provided vocals, working as editor in her high school's yearbook and volunteering her time at a humane society through UH of Manoa civic groups.

Not only does Maya have theatrical book trailers that bring her sexy vampires to life, Maya and her vampires were featured in Singer/Songwriter Jill Cohn's music video "Blessing Moon".

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