Friday, November 7, 2014

We're Going to Leave You Breathless--Watch This! #CoverReveal #BookTrailer #Romance

Forbidden Fruit Friday
Presents "Breathless" by the Mile High Muses
Cover Reveal and Book Trailer Sneak Peek 

The Rocky Mountains can be dangerous in winter. Between the altitude and hot men like cowboys, vampires, and psychics....a person is bound to get Breathless. 

White Out by Amber Lea Easton...Crimson Snow by Maya Deleina...and SnowBound by Dakota Skye...A unique collection of romantic suspense, erotic romance, and paranormal romance that will leave you Breathless. 

Sexy cowboy falls in love with his mysterious neighbor
 in White Out
Vampires coexist with humans who have a common enemy 
 in Crimson Snow
Psychic abducts a FBI agent to save a loved one
 in SnowBound 

Elevate Your Sensual Expectations
Not your typical holiday box set, this one packs a punch and is guaranteed to leave you Breathless. 
Releasing Worldwide on December 14th
Check out the book trailer!

We're about to heat up your winter! 

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