Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Like sexy deimigods who risk it all for love? Oh, yeah! #Supernatural #EroticRomance #Suspense

Today on Tempt Me Tuesday I'm presenting a supernatural erotic romance that has it all---suspense, action adventure, sexy merman, reckless surfer chic, and a rock-your-world romance. I love it! Let's check out an excerpt of IMPACT ZONE by Dakota Skye.
I'm Amber Lea Easton, aka The Temptress, and I'm here to have some fun. I hope you are, too. I'm a romantic suspense and contemporary romance author who enjoys pushing boundaries. Nothing turns me on more than making my readers squirm with tension from a suspenseful storyline or sensuous seduction scene. I may not write erotica per se, but I get the job done, baby! When I think of temptation, I automatically smile. The word alone makes me think of decadence, impulse, exploration, laughter, and boldness. On Tempt Me Tuesdays, I intend to delve into all of those elements of temptation with lighthearted glee! I enjoy comments on my blog posts, so please interact as often as possible. Let's have some fun together!
 Book blurb...
Nico Triton has a secret. He's a merman who saved the life of a champion surfer. As the leader of the merfolk, his interference with Fate has had severe repercussions that only love will solve.

Murder on the beach.

Josie Wells knows how to conquer the waves, but when she witnesses a murder on her beach, the impact shatters the surfing community of Santa Cruz. The tragedy brings her up close and personal with her secret crush, the elusive billionaire, Nico Triton.
Will their love be enough to bridge their two worlds?

Secrets become confessions and trust is tested as betrayal threatens their lives. When a merman falls in love with a surfer chic and two worlds collide, expect an Impact Zone of danger and passion.

*contains explicit sexual content

SGlad to be driving and alone with Josie, Nico maneuvered his Mercedes through the crowded rush hour traffic headed out of Santa Cruz. Rain pelted the windshield in the sudden downpour. From the corner of his eye, he could see her fidgeting with the hem of the dress that clung to her thigh.
"I don't suppose you know how to lose a tail?  Someone is following us. It's probably the police or a psycho killer." She kicked off her sandals before looking at him. "Did you realize you were with a dangerous woman? Who knows what will happen? Are you scared?"
"Danger is an aphrodisiac for some." God, he loved a good thrill and it had been a long time since he'd had one. "I'm not exactly a race car driver, but I've been known to have some skills when it comes to getting lost."
She rested her head against the back of the seat, cheek against the leather, and laughed at his obvious enthusiasm. "You're very mysterious. Do you perpetuate that image for fun or necessity?"
"It's definitely not for fun." He weaved in and out of traffic.   
"When is the last time you took off on a road trip without a plan?" she asked.
"Umm...I was probably a teenager. I grew up on an island, though, so couldn't get too far." He flashed her a smile and noticed that her sweater had slipped and taken the strap of her dress down with it. Even though he'd seen her nearly naked almost every day, the sight had all the blood rushing to his already stirring cock.
He liked her disheveled and couldn't help but wonder what she'd look like after a good fuck session. Clearing his throat, he reminded himself that he needed to behave. They were going to dinner, relaxing after a horrendous day.
Hands off.
"Waves are insane at Steamer Lane," she announced as they passed the famous surfing spot and round their way along the rugged coastline past Lighthouse Field State Beach. "I grew up here. We used to have some wicked bonfires on that beach after hours. We got into a lot of trouble over this way. It was a good place to grow up, though. When I look back on it, I had a charmed childhood."
"Do you have a big family?"
"I have two older brothers, both are married with kids now. My oldest brother lives in Seattle, he's a professor at the University of Washington. My other brother moved inland to Kansas City. My parents are still married and live near here, though." Smiling, she pointed to a dirt road that didn't look like anything official. "Slow down and follow that path. I haven't been there in years."
"Are you sure about that? It doesn't look like anyone's been there in years." He slowed the car and turned off. "What are you getting me into, Josie?"
"I'm sure you can handle it." She laughed when he nodded in agreement. "I bet you haven't met a situation you couldn't handle."
"Not many, no." He winked. "I think I should park here."
"Good idea."
They sat in silence while the storm passed over them. The sound of the rain against the car had a strangely soothing effect. The desolate stretch of rock hung out over a stormy sea while low gray clouds moved over them.
"I used to come here as a teenager," she admitted with a throaty laugh. "God, that seems so long ago."
"I bet you were nothing but trouble."
"You'd be wrong." She twisted in the car seat to face him. "I was part angel, part trouble. I like to think of myself as the perfect balance."
"I'm sure you do, but what would your parents say?" He could look at her for hours without saying a word.
Her smile faded. "I'm glad you don't know all those details about me. It's nice that you don't have my whole history embedded in your brain."
"Didn't you come back here because of your history?" he asked, unsure about brining up her reasons for leaving the circuit.
"Why did you come here?" She caught her lower lip between her teeth and swayed toward him.
He shrugged and inched toward her in the confines of the car. "You should know that I'm not the kind of man who shies away from trouble."
"I'm counting on that." She smiled slowly before unbuckling her seatbelt and stepping from the car.
The rain had diminished to a mist. Her yellow dress fluttered wildly around her thighs as she strode away from the car and toward the edge of the cliff.  A look behind them assured him that no one had followed.
Relax. Shake it off. She shook her hands at her sides as she stood.
He frowned at her silent plea to herself, thankful for the ability of hearing her thoughts. Knowing that she felt so nervous, all he wanted was to ease the tension from her.
Maybe their time was limited. As a Triton being hunted, he had more than himself to worry about. He had a nation of mermaids and mermen who depended on him to lead and to provide for their safety. But tonight he wanted to simply be a man spending time with a beautiful woman.
He strolled behind her, giving her time to calm down. With a flick of his hand, he changed the wind to a breeze and lightened the sky above them.
She lifted her face to the wind and inhaled the rich sea air.  "The last time I was here, I'd been in high school with my boyfriend Ted Reece. It had been well-after midnight and we'd had a bottle of cheap rum we passed between us before making out on the ground."
"Ah, good memories." Nico stood next to her and watched the waves crashing against the rocks below.  The earth rumbled beneath their feet. "The sea is angry and getting angrier."
"I sensed that this morning," she admitted.
Nico sat with his legs outstretched and face lifted toward the setting sun. "That day I took off with mom's car I ended up in a place similar to this. I sat there looking at the ocean until my father found me."
"What was that like?" She sat next to him and leaned back on her palms. "Was he angry?"
"You don't know my father. He becomes, shall we say, temperamental. I tested his authority a lot, which meant I got into trouble nearly every day."
"Why do I have a feeling you're a lot like him?"
"That is a conversation for another time." He laughed quietly while his gaze roamed over her face. "I like remote places like this where no one is constantly needing my attention."
"I need your attention," she said, gaze locked on his lips. "I blurt out the most random things around you."
"You can have my attention whenever you want it." He shifted into a kneeling position, grabbed her shoulders, and moved her around until her back faced him. Before she could ask a question, he started massaging the tense muscles of her back. Thumbs pressed firmly into the base of her neck. "Right now, I sense you need to relax."
"I'm not usually the damsel in distress." She sighed while his fingers worked the knots above her shoulders.
"You're the one who wanted us to start saying hello to each other in the morning."  He moved his hands from behind her neck to her shoulders.
She closed her eyes and relaxed against him. "Most people think I'm cool, but around you I sound like I've been living in a cave all of my life with no human interaction."
"You don't like being off your game, do you?" His hands worked their way from her biceps to her forearms before going back to her shoulders.
"What do you mean?" she asked.
"Being an athlete, dedication is your middle name." He pressed his knuckles against her spine. "You left the circuit to start a business from nothing, that takes focus." His fingers splayed across her ribcage in more of a caress than a massage. "You like being in control. Around me, you are off balance. Am I right?"
"Lucky guess," she whispered. "Most people wouldn't say I'm the nervous type. I've been called reckless and wild, but never...off balance."
"Oh, you're an obvious risk taker, but I don't think you're reckless. There's a difference." His fingers grazed the bottom of her breasts as his hands slid around her sides. "But you like calculated risks where you know the odds going in."
"Your theory is that I'm not sure I can handle you so that's why you make me nervous?
"Are you nervous or excited?"
"You're exceeding my expectations, Nico."
"Did you have expectations?" He grazed his lips over the back of her neck, unable to resist a taste of her skin.
She inhaled sharply at the contact. She tilted her head until her chin touched her chest without answering, silently surrendering to his touch.
"Do you know when I first saw you?" He shifted so that his legs pressed along the outside of her hips.
"If I had to guess, I'd say on the beach with a surfboard?"
"You were in Hawaii for a competition and we were at a sponsor party. You were excited and on everyone's must-meet list."
"I don't remember meeting you."
"We didn't meet. I was called away as usual for some kind of emergency, but I definitely had a first impression of you."
"And what was that?"
"Beautiful. Genuine. Exciting. Unique." His teeth caught her earlobe before he kissed the sweet spot on her neck. "Is what I think about you that important?"
She twisted to look at him through a veil of her hair. "I think it might be, yes."
He stared at her for what felt like minutes before nodding. "I never do anything I don't want to do, Josie. I'm here with you because I choose to be."
With a slowness that drove her mad, he pushed the hair away from her face and bent within a fraction of her lips. His gaze scanned hers briefly before he kissed her.
She moved her mouth against his with a laziness meant to savor the sensation. "We should have said hello a long time ago."
"What did you used to do here when you were a teenager?" he asked against her mouth, eyes alive with knowing.
"A little bit of this and that."
"A little of this?" His tongue slid between her parted lips—teasing—before he slid his mouth down the length of her neck.
"And a little of that?" He moved his hands to her bare thighs beneath the dress and squeezed. "Am I close?"
"You're getting closer." She grabbed his face and ground her mouth against his. "I don't want to think, Nico."
"I can make that happen."  He slid his tongue against hers in a dance that made her squirm against him.
 He pushed her back against the ground and pressed his thigh between her legs. He roamed his mouth from her lips to her collarbone as he squeezed her breast through the thin material. His hand moved to her panties that were wet with desire. In one yank, he ripped them from her before sliding his fingers between her legs. He pushed her dress up and kissed her bared abdomen.
He craved her like a heroin addict craves a fix. His cock throbbed against the confines of his jeans, but he would deny himself release. He wanted her to always remember him, remember this moment, in case she never saw him again after tonight.
He knelt in front of her, met her gaze, and spread her legs wide. When she grinned in a way that made him think of all things wicked and wanton, he smiled in return.
"I think I'm dreaming," she said.
"I'm very real, Josie." He slid his hands down her thighs, marveling in the strength he felt in them.  Leaning down, he licked the center of her before sliding his tongue over her clit until she twisted her hips beneath his face.
He nipped and sucked and fucked her with his fingers while she gripped the dirt at her sides and surrendered to him manipulating her body with his mouth. The more he tasted, the more he needed.
Her yellow dress slapped against the earth in a wild dance over her head that revealed her bra and bare abdomen. She arched her back as an orgasm quaked through her body like tremor from deep within her soul. Still he sucked at her, his fingers and tongue ravaging her. Owning her.
"Nico, my God, I can't take—" Another wave of orgasm ripped through her. She twisted, but he held her legs open while he continued his feast.
When she finally lay spent and exhausted, he climbed over her and looked her in the eye. "A little bit of this and that?"
She grinned, grabbed the back of his head, and pulled his face against hers. "Kiss me."
"What the lady wants, the lady gets." He kissed her until she moaned with primal need.
"Are you relaxed now?" he whispered against her ear.
"Then let's find that restaurant you talked about, get stinking drunk, and maybe make out in the car later to keep with our teenage theme of the night." Abruptly, he stood and pulled her with him. "I'll take you on a real date tomorrow."
"A real date? So this was a preview?" She sank against him and nipped his chin.
"Foreplay." He retrieved her torn panties from where they fluttered against a boulder and tucked them in the back pocket of his jeans. When she laughed, he snagged her hand in his.
"I'm feeling selfish right now." I could get used to being manhandled by Nico Triton.
He smiled at her thoughts, held her chin between his fingers and kissed away her guilt. They may not have tomorrow or any chance at a big love affair, but they had a history that he could never confess and now they had a new memory that he hoped she'd never forget. 
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