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Crimson Snow 

The Breathless Collection 

Sneak Peek

Nicholas Jones Whitaker III lives in interesting times.

The year is 2049. He’s a Hollywood actor with a type-casted career of portraying mythical creatures —vampires.

But thirteen years ago, vampires were discovered and no longer creatures of myth, but of reality. The newfound coexistence has vampires inhabiting the synthetic world of Dome City. Annexed as territory of the U.S, humans are granted access to the dome and vampires, now classified as Immortizens, have passage rights outside their world, all under the watchful eye of The Alliance.

Enamored with his vampire portrayals, the Immortizens invite Nicholas to Dome City to participate in a celebrity charity bachelor auction. Marking their first year of dome life, the Christmas event is meant to stimulate the economy and bridge the two races.

Yet when Nicholas realizes his own celebrity crush, Crimson Snow, has her eye on him for the auction; charity is no longer his drive, desire is. 

Passions unearth. New experiences rock his world. Where human love has its limits, an Immortizens’ is boundless.

But the invitation is more than meets the eye.

Nicholas holds something unique that he’s about to discover and his gift to the Immortizens for the Christmas season will mark him as their very own St. Nick.

* * *

Crimson Snow

Sneak Peeks

* * * 

38th Dome City Territory of the United States

It’s everyday America, 2049.
Social Security has run out. Government subsidized programs are nonexistent.
Quality of life for every American citizen would’ve sharply declined had it not been for one pivotal discovery thirteen years earlier. 

With staggering numbers and sizeable wealth, vampires surfaced, thirsting for a communal existence after centuries of surviving only in a shroud of secrecy.
Vampire leaders formed a council and pushed forward to meet with heads of government on a proposal that would rescue the U.S. economy, inject funds into public services and programs in exchange for land to create synthetic habitats in each state.
After years of proposals, votes, planning, law enforcement development, impact analysis reports and construction, vampires and humans coexist in apparent peace and harmony.
With the exception of Hawaii, each state overhauled zoning and ceded land to the vampires. Domes were constructed to suit their environmental needs, which led to their name, Dome City. 

The forty-nine Dome Cities were annexed as a collective territory of the U.S. and the vampires were officially classified as a race—Immortizens. 
Shortly thereafter, The Alliance birthed in each sector. All from the confines of the synthetic world, the one hundred member group, boasting an equal number of Immortizens and Humans uphold the mission to protect each race, sustain the U.S. economy, promote goodwill and provide oversight of the bloodlust preventative agents, Reether and Zyther.
In a time where machinery was thought to be the future, technology advancements stalls. Even with the breakthrough of Innodisys- Individual Display Systems, nothing compares to the wake of the vampires.
Life on earth has never been the same.

Chapter One 

He flipped down the visor to check himself once over. He fingered the ends of his hair securing his wavy locks in place. He cocked his head from one side to the other, inspecting his manicured beard when he noticed his trembling hands.
As his uncertainty shifted from travelling to the Dome City to who he’d possibly would run into there, his nerves kicked up a few notches.   
“Well, keep me in the loop of what’s going on and when you’ll be back.”
“Yup.” Nick pushed up the visor and exited the car.
“Good luck.”
He popped his head in through the open door. “Thanks. Hey, message me if there’s something promising with Rebecca’s meeting. I want some shred of good news to keep me from hanging myself if this doesn’t go well.”
Gerald rolled his eyes. “Dramatic much, aren’t we?”
“Just let me know.”
“Alright, I’ll let you know. Good luck.”
He turned around and looked up at Dome City as the chilled early evening air tingled against his skin. He pulled on his collar, drawing it in closer into his face.
The sheer size of the smoky-colored glass dome always managed to spark a battle of emotions within him.
Dome City’s architecture exceeded thoughts of grandeur. The fact that a city within a city existed tipped the scale way past mind-boggling. Granted, life improved because of the funding that came along with the Immortizens, but for him, Dome City represented more than a new way of life.
It meant the erasure of his youth.
Dome City covered over five hundred sixty-four square miles and sat on the eastern plains of Colorado. It surpassed the combined square miles of the state’s three largest cities. With the government ceding the land to the vampires, his childhood home fell victim to the rezoning and his parents were forced to relocate. Although the Immortizens funded the entire relocation process and Gerald and his parents welcomed the change, nothing but memories of his childhood remained.
He sighed. It was painfully obvious that his envy for the Immortizens ran deeper than just their Hollywood reach.

He made his way, heading to the concrete tunnel that led to The Crossing. Once inside, pink motion lights illuminated above and along side him as he progressed down the corridor in a leisure gait. The sweet scent of Reether permeated the air while music, reminiscent of old-fashioned elevator melodies, piped through the sound system. As the last of the lights illuminated in the corridor, a five-step metal staircase revealed itself.
He’d made it to The Crossing.
He scaled the stairs.
The metal still vibrated in a low tone as he made eye contact with the line of guards and the clerk that situated in front of the imposing outer steel shell.
The female clerk smiled warmly which immediately melted away a good chunk of his trepidation.
She had the dark, long, thick hair that curled loosely at the bottom that he liked, but it was her dimples and brilliant big brown eyes that were her prized treasure. “Welcome to Dome City. Please scan your ticket.”
He rotated his arm and waived his wristband Innodisys above the scanner that embedded in the counter.
“Thank you. Please take your position—hands up high above your head.”
He turned his sights in the direction she pointed. 
Glass chambers that looked like large test tubes lined the wall. Inside, two yellow footprints on the floor served as the mark.
He proceeded to the chamber, placing his feet in position and raised his hands to the ceiling. “What does this do?”
“First time here?”
“It’s just a protocol scan. Don’t worry. It doesn’t hurt.”
Before he could ask another question, the chamber door sealed shut and internal panels rotated around him at dizzying speed. He closed his eyes, a tinge of anxiety creeping in. The sweetness of Reether hung in the air, stronger than ever. Just when his body adapted to the whirling sounds and slight vibrations of the panel’s rotations, the spinning stopped and the chamber opened.
 “Thank you. You may now exit and proceed.”
He stepped out of the chamber and walked towards the steel shell that marked The Crossing. Gunmetal grey in color, the shell stood outfitted with a simple engraving that sent chills down his spine.
“Divided we live, united we stand.”
“Ready?” A guard inquired.
 He nodded.
The guard punched in a code and the shell separated, gliding open to the echo of cracking and creaking—the sounds of undeniable sturdiness and power.
His heart pounded in his chest.
“There will be some information provided to you and then the doors open on the opposite side to welcome you to Dome City,” the guard said.
“Okay. Thank you.”
“Enjoy your visit.”
He stepped through entry into pitch-black room. The steel door shut behind him slowly.
A digital voice sounded in the darkness.
“The current temperature in Dome City is nineteen degrees. If you are not appropriately attired, please visit the Dome City Outfitters on your left as soon as you enter the city. Please note the quadrants that make Dome City so your GPS mapping is set correctly. Public transportation is based on the quadrant destinations. For Innodisys users, download the interactive Dome City app to enhance your experience.”
Disoriented and apprehensive, he awaited more instruction.
“Please stand still for your final scan.”
He stood absolutely still. In fact, he didn’t even breathe.
“You are sufficiently protected by Reether.”
A black panel separated slowly, revealing a wall of glass.
Beyond the glass, the snowy life in the dome unveiled.

A magnificent tree, all decked out with ice blue Christmas lights and ornaments, sat in the middle of what looked like a town square. The dark brown, black and red hues of cobblestone streets peaked through the freshly shoveled mix of ice and snow.  
Nick smiled.
All in all, it looked like a Christmas snow globe come to life.
The voice spoke, “You can enter the city. Enjoy you stay.”
The glass opened outwards, welcoming him to pass through the threshold. In five small steps, he entered the world of the Immortizens with held breath and wide-eyed wonderment. He took in all his eyes could afford in one sweep and then closed them for a moment.
She appeared.
Licking her lips, her bedroom eyes gripped him. His heartbeat raced and suddenly, the harshness of the blistery weather melted away.
He opened his eyes.
He not only stepped foot into their world.
He entered hers.
“Mr. Whitaker!”
He turned his head in response.
A young man—possibly eighteen, nineteen tops, headed his way, brimming with excitement and enthusiasm.
“I’m your driver. Let’s get you out of this cold.”
“They’ve adjusted the snowfall and temperature around Dome Palace to be a bit more tolerable for our guests.”
“Well, that’s very considerate.”
“Follow me,” he said as he turned around to head back to the street. “What was the temperature outside?”
“I’m not sure…thirty-five degrees possibly.”
“Yeah, that’s a big difference to Dome City.”
Nick looked up at the sky as they made their way to the vehicle. As hard as he examined, he couldn’t see it. The snowfall masked any signs of being in a dome.
They reached the vehicle and the driver opened the door for him, gesturing with his hand to make his way in. “Mr. Whitaker.”
“Thank you.”
He watched as the driver made his way around the front of the car to the driver side door and slip into the warmth of the car’s interior.
“Are you…” he began to ask.
“An Immortizen?”
“Nah. I just work in Dome City,” the driver explained as he looked at Nick in the rear view mirror.
He breathed a sigh of relief. The young man looked more like a boy and that was far too young, in his mind, to be frozen in time. “I wondered since the heat is on in the car.”
“Heat is the standard protocol for all cars or else we’d be driving human popsicles to this event.” He chuckled. “It’s not like the heat will bother them since they need those specific heat rays to feel the temperature.”
Nick smiled.
Two seconds with the kid and he like him already.
“Before we go, would it be possible to get your autograph? I mean, it’s against company policy, but when I heard you were my fare…”
“You know who I am? It’s been a few years since I’ve been in a major movie.”
“Are you kidding?” The boy turned around in his seat, his voice mimicking a movie trailer narrator. “Trevor Heart, Matthew Joseph King and my favorite, Nicholas Jones Whitaker III is Elysian the Slayer.”

“I had some cheesy character names didn’t I?”
“Nah, they were cool.” He scrambled in his bag that sat on the passenger seat and retrieved a device that was as thin as paper. “So, autograph?”
“Absolutely.” Nick took the device. “What’s your name?”
“Skylar. But my fiends call me Pip.”
“Yeah, cause I make them laugh. You know, ‘Peeing In Pants’?”
Nick smiled as he thought of a fast light-hearted inscription to write.
“Shit. No one would believe I have you in the car.”
“Pip. How’s about I do a selfie photo on the autograph?”
Every tooth in Pip's mouth seemed to be on display with the size of his grin. He nodded his head repeatedly. “Yeah. Yeah. That would be awesome, Mr. Whitaker.”
“Please, call me Nick.” He smiled and snapped a selfie. “Are you in college?”
“Yes, I am. This is my part-time gig. You get paid more in the Dome than you do outside.”
“I see. Well, stay in school and get that degree.” He handed the device back. “I didn’t quite do that when I was your age and it’s been a regret of mine...especially when my career’s not too hot right now.”
“Not too hot? Dome City’s most eligible Immortizen bachelorettes will be bidding on you for a date for Christmas.”
“What? They never told us who would be allowed to bid at this auction. What do you know of the women? And they’re only Immortizens?”
“Yeah, just Immortizens. Cassandra will be there.” Pip turned around, started the vehicle and pulled away from the curb.
 “Cassandra? As in the singer?”
“Wow. So, there are celebrity bidders?”
“Ummm, yeah.”
“I-I thought the bachelors were the only celebrities?”
“No. They haven’t advertised who the bidders are, you know, to keep up the suspense until show time? But everyone in this is a celebrity.”
“Hmm,” he huffed.
For as detailed and organized as the man was, Gerald never mentioned a word about the bidders in the auction. In fact, he’d shared very little details about the event. Yet it wasn’t this part that had him feeling a touch disappointed. For a split second, he hoped he’d hear her name spoken from Pip’s lips.
“How is it possible that I know more about this event than you?” Pip asked.
“You know, I am thinking that same thing.”
 “Well, I’m a driver. People have conversations in the car, so I guess I do have the inside scoop. Plus, I’ve driven some of the bidders to the event already.”
Nick chuckled. “You must have interesting tales to tell.”
“That I do. Oh, and one of my favorites will be a bidder, too.”
“Who is that?”
“Crimson Snow.”

His stomach dropped, as if he just plummeted down the track of the tallest roller coaster ride.
“A-are you serious?” His heart raced. He grappled with his necktie, feeling suddenly confined, restricted and uncomfortably warm.
“Yeah.” Pip’s eyes on him in the rear view mirror where like targeted missiles. “Oh, you got a thing for her, too, Nick?”
“I worked with her before. And yes, I have a bit of a celebrity crush.”
“That’s right…on that movie Nightshift,” he said with marked enthusiasm, “you had that hot love scene with her.”
“I did. I was nervous as hell.”
“You knew people always talked about that scene right? That maybe you two had something going on?”
“I heard the rumors.” He nodded his head.
“So, not true?”
“Not true.”
“Well, that was some great acting then.”
He chuckled and smiled. “Thanks”
“How was she, you know, in person?”
“Very reserved. She kept to herself. But then again, this was all before Dome City was complete and they were officially Immortizens.”
“Well, I tell you what. Crimson Snow can be my cougar anytime. You know she’s over two hundred years old?”
“I read that somewhere. She’d be interesting to talk to for sure, but I think I’d be too blinded by her beauty to form a single thought without a script.”
“You better get ready. What if she bids on you?”
Unknowingly, the rollercoaster that took him on a ride earlier had rounded the course and climbed back to the top of the track. Holding steady in the quiet anticipation, the thought of her winning his company for the evening toppled the balance.
Over the edge his emotions went, barreling down the track at a roaring and take-your-breath-away speed.
“You okay back there?” Pip’s eyes in the rear view mirror zeroed in on him.
“What was that?”
“I asked, what if she bids on you?”
“Do you know who the other bachelors are? I think I’ll probably pull in the lowest amount for The Alliance. In fact, I feel like a fish out of water.”
“Are you kidding? Everyone in Dome City is talking about you.”
“They are?”
“Ummm, yeah.”
“My manager hadn’t said anything to me…and he’s my damn brother.” Nick shook his head, searching for yet again for a reason why the event and its details blindsided him. “Why me?”
“Think about it.”
“What…my vampire roles?”
“Yes. They take interest in you.”
“But I’m not a vampire. I’m a….faux vampire. It’s only acting.”

Engrossed in the conversation, Nick didn’t notice any of the subtle changes in weather during the drive until he finally looked out the window.
The snow came down now only as a subtle ornamentation to shape the mood for Christmas Eve.
And Dome Palace lay right up ahead.
The crowd grew in size since he’d last sneaked a peek from beyond the dome. People dotted the landscape fronting the entry. An unexpected way to spend the holiday, he thought. He wondered where all the family traditions had gone. But then again, this was Dome City. Traditions had yet to be formed.

“Here we are. Dome Palace. Sit tight. I’ll step around and get your door.” Pip sprang into action and fetched the door open for Nick.
Something about a well-tailored suit magnified his invincibility, as if shielding his trepidation, doubt and even the hint of fear like armor. He may have awaked in shambles, but the foot he placed on the red carpet was that of a much different man.
Debonair, sophisticated and utterly gorgeous, he epitomized the male form of breathtaking.
“I like you Pip. Thank you.”
“The fare just before yours Nick...I learned something.”
 “What’s that?” he asked as he smiled for the paparazzi.
 “Crimson Snow. She’s taken an interest in you, too."
As if adrenaline pumping into his system wasn’t enough to threaten his composure, the thought of Crimson Snow just about made him buckle on the spot.

Crimson Snow
The Breathless Collection
from the Mile High Muses
Coming Soon

Cover Art: LMK Graphics
Model: Brett Mehlman  (Facebook Website  Agency)
Photography: Deanna Gomes (Facebook  Website)
Make up and Hair: Tiffany Miranda-Werness  (Facebook)

About Maya DeLeina


Maya DeLeina is a multi-published Erotic Vampire Romance Author  with Siren, EvernightEllora's Cave and Mystic Lotus Publishing.

Born and raised on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, Maya could be seen at her favorite beach, Lanikai, performing with an all-girl band where she played keyboards, guitar and provided vocals, working as editor in her high school's yearbook  and volunteering her time at a humane society through UH of Manoa civic groups.

In 2006, Maya relocated to Colorado. Her crystal blue oceans, waterfalls and eighty degree year-round weather were traded for four season weather, enchanting forests and majestic mountains that led to her rekindled love for vampires.

In winter of 2010, she penned her first manuscript and by 2011, Flesh Fantasy was under contract and released by Siren Publishing. To date, Maya has published five novels- Flesh FantasyVeil of SeductionBlood of LunaDark Companion, and Fire and Ice with another novel anticipated for release in December of  2014.

In 2014, she banded with other Colorado romance authors to form the group, Mile High Muses, in which Maya serves as "The Vamp". Catch her Forbidden Fruit Friday blog and guests she hosts on Sultry Saturdays.  

Not only does Maya have theatrical book trailers that bring her vampires to life, all of her vampires were featured in Singer/Songwriter Jill Cohn's music video "Blessing Moon".

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