Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tymber Dalton joins the Muses today with her Drunk Monkeys (Barrel of Monkeys Book 5)

BLURB:  One can of whup-ass delivered courtesy of…the Drunk Monkeys.

Gia Quick is an LA Sheriff’s deputy in Santa Clarita. She gets an emergency promotion to station chief after Kite, riots, and earthquakes bring the region to its knees. She knows the only solution to keep rioters and Kiters out is to blow the freeway and give citizens time to escape.

Omega and Echo are on a recon mission when a mob ambushes them and they get separated from the rest of the Drunk Monkeys. They find Gia arresting—even after the short, feisty deputy arrests them. She needs a road blown and they can help, if they can locate the rest of their unit.

Unfortunately, Kite hits close to home for Gia, and there’s nothing keeping her in Santa Clarita. But the military has one hell of a cover-up underway. When Gia opens this barrel of monkeys, she might find more than she bargained for…and she just might find love.

When Gia finished her shower, she thought about getting fully dressed again, then changed her mind.
Screw it. Either they will, or they won’t.
She didn’t meet anyone in the hallway as she marched down the corridor, towel tightly wrapped around her, shower bag over her shoulder, bulletproof vest in one hand and her mug of coffee in the other.
Taking a deep breath, she walked into her office…
And found herself alone.
Well, damn.
She was standing there trying to decide how to process that, fighting off her disappointment and wondering whether it meant they weren’t interested after all and had skedaddled, or what, when the door opened.
She turned. Omega and Echo practically filled the doorway. Omega entered first, Echo on his heels and closing and locking it behind them.
Her breath caught in her throat.
Both men smiled. Omega held up a couple of condom pouches. “You still want to see how stiff you can make something?”
Heart racing, she nodded.
The men walked over. Echo took her vest and dropped it on the floor, and took the mug of coffee from her and set it on the file cabinet next to her while Omega relieved her of the shower bag and set it on the floor.
Omega stood in front of her while Echo stood behind her. “You need to say it. We need to hear you say it.”
She wasn’t sure she could say anything at that point because her damn mouth had gone dry again.
But she tried. “I wouldn’t mind fooling around with you two, if you’re up to it.”
Omega stepped forward, pressing her back against Echo. His brown gaze burned down into her eyes. “How’s that feel? That feel like we’re up for it, Gia?”
A soft whine escaped her. She would be in for a world of the good kind of hurt the next morning. Dave had been average. These two both felt like they were hung.
She nodded.
Echo’s lips scorched her skin as he nibbled along the nape of her neck. She’d need another shower at this rate, because it felt like her pussy was throbbing already and juices were sliding down the insides of her thighs.
Omega stepped back only so he could take her towel and slowly unwrap it from around her. He took his time, his gaze never leaving hers. “Don’t have a lot of time right now, unfortunately,” he said, “but more than enough time to leave all three of us satisfied at once. You ever been spit-roasted?”
She had to swallow again and shook her head instead of trying to answer.
Her nipples pebbled in the cool air as he dropped the towel. He reached up and cupped her breasts, playing with her nipples, his deep brown flesh in stark contrast to her pale skin. “How would you like to come with his cock down your throat and mine sliding up that sweet pussy of yours?”
She nodded. Yeah, I’m good with that! But the words wouldn’t come.
He smiled and leaned in, dipping his knees so he could kiss her.
He started out gently, but then she realized how damn horny she was, how hot these guys were, and how badly she did not want their fun ruined by someone knocking on the door and needing her.
Quickie now, quality later.
So she wrapped her arms around his neck and locked lips with him, hooking a leg around one of his so he couldn’t move away.
Echo grabbed her hips and ground against her bare ass. The feel of his iron bulge, concealed by the coarse fabric of his trousers, nearly drove her over the edge right there. Her clit throbbed, and how sad was she that she couldn’t even remember the last time she’d masturbated?
Hell, the last time she’d felt like masturbating.
Echo’s hands traveled around to her belly, down, between her thighs. He swiped two fingers between her pussy lips and she let out a loud moan muffled only by Omega’s mouth on hers.
“Oh, yeah,” Echo said. “She’s primed.” He slid one, then two fingers inside her cunt lips and started slowly fucking her with them.
Omega lifted his mouth from hers. “We don’t screw around,” he said. “You want to try this with us, we’re cool with that. But you don’t go messing around with anyone else, either. You get tired of us, you tell us, and we part friends first. Then you’re free to go do whatever you want. Deal?”
She nodded, a little sanity breaking through. “I’m clean,” she said, “And have a five-year.”
He smiled. “Well, now that’s good. That means for this round, we don’t need these.” He dropped the condoms onto the floor and then grabbed her hands and put them on the front of his trousers, which looked like they would tear open from the strain. “How about you say hello?”
Echo let go of her so she could drop to her knees in front of Omega. She practically ripped his trousers open and when she had his cock freed from his briefs, she enjoyed the way his fingers tangled in her short brown hair as she went down on him.
Oh, yes, she’d be feeling this tomorrow. Nine inches, at least, and thick.
And she’d enjoy every damn ache and pain.
He let out a soft hiss. “Easy, baby. Don’t suck one out of me yet,” he warned. “Just a hello kiss. Now Echo. Don’t leave him hanging.”
Echo stepped up next to Omega and she also eagerly unwrapped him like a kid at Christmas. She kept one hand circled around the base of Omega’s cock, his hips slowly thrusting against her grip as she devoured Echo’s. He wasn’t quite as long as Omega, but a little thicker.
No complaints from her at all. Both of them put Dave to shame.
After a moment, he, too, pulled her off his cock. “Over the desk, baby,” he hoarsely said. “Right now.”
They shoved Baynes’ desk calendar and other items over to the side and lifted her so she was lying facedown over the desk. Echo stood in front of her while Omega stepped between her legs. Her toes barely touched the floor, but she opened her mouth wide, trying to reach Echo’s cock again while Omega swiped the head of his cock through her pussy lips and started pressing the head of it in.
She let out a moan that was only half muffled by Echo’s cock sliding between her lips.

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