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Spinning Ceaselessly into Chaos #Paranormal #EroticRomance Pt. 3

Blog Exclusive Paranormal Erotic Romance, 
Welcome to Molten Mondays with The Enchantress, Dakota Skye. Every Monday will feature an episode of the blog exclusive paranormal erotic romance series, Uncharted Territory. A team of paranormal investigators led by Bimini Colton and Josh Ryder travel the world in search of the truth behind legends, myths and all things unexplained. Along the way, they experience adventure paired with erotic exploration. 
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Episode 1: Bermuda Triangle
Unchartered Territory
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 Part 3: Spinning Ceaselessly into Chaos
The Caribbean Sea unfolded in front of her eyes like a magical world of possibilities. She moved through the warm water, eyes darting from left to right looking for anything that could have forced their boat to stop. No reef in sight, just wide-open ocean. Rays of light broke through the surface and shimmered against through the blue to the sandy bottom.
Their scuba masks were fitted with audio/visual communication to transmit between them and the boat above.  Josh motioned to her to follow him.
"There aren't any fish." The observation made her nervous.
Josh blinked at her through his mask and reached behind to grab her hand. They'd been together long enough to pick up on the subtle nuances of each other's voices and understand when the other had breached a comfort zone. "I noticed that, too."
"Don't travel too far from the boat," Don instructed from his safe haven.
"Do you have good visuals?" she asked as she turned her head again so that the camera attached would catch everything.
A garbled reply sent shivers of apprehension up her back.
Ahead of them the clear water looked foggy and the sandy bottom churned with recent upheaval. The sound of her own breathing competed with the heartbeat drumming in her skull. Releasing Josh's hand, she kicked forward toward the foggy water while conscious of keeping her head straight so that the camera caught anything and everything ahead of them.
"Slow down, Beth, we don't know what we're dealing with here. We need to be cautious." Josh moved next to her, only an arm's length away.  His voice sounded almost robotic through their underwater communication system.
She nodded and smiled through her full mask, hoping to reassure him that she hadn't panicked. Panic could kill, that's what they always said. Conscious of keeping her breath steady, she gave him the thumbs up sign.
He smiled back and added a wink. Side-by-side they moved steadily toward the swirling underwater fog.  He asked, "Don...Jack...are you getting this?"
Static from the surface.
Before she could blink, an unseen force grabbed and dragged her body into the gray fray. Sounds of her own breathing and heartbeat blotted out all other sensation. Round and round, the water tossed her as if she weighed nothing.
Stay calm, stay calm, she silently repeated as she gave in to the momentum of the waves. Fighting it, she knew, could worsen the situation.
The water tossed her about before slamming her into Josh's body. They made eye contact briefly before being swooshed apart. Trying to move her arms to reach for him was impossible against the force of the energy throwing them beneath the surface of the sea. From the corner of her eye, she glimpsed the rays of sunshine piercing the water. Determined to keep that as a frame of reference, she looked for it every time she spun.
Which way is up, which way is down, which way is up, which way is down...She felt like she'd been thrown into a giant washing machine.
Calm. The murky water spit her back into Caribbean clear blue just as quickly as it had swallowed her up. Eyes locked on the rays of sunshine, she kicked toward the surface.
"Josh, can you hear me?" She looked around for any sign of him and noticed large rock formations on the bottom of the ocean that looked like the famous Bimini Road.
But they'd been nowhere near Bimini when they'd departed Bermuda only two hours ago. She stopped her upward momentum and stared down at the rocks. It had to be the Bimini Road, she'd studied the phenomena too many times not to recognize the structures.
Josh appeared, body spinning head over toe from the force of the energy that had consumed them. "Beth? Bethany? Are you here?"
"Right here." She kicked toward him, legs feeling twice as heavy than they had before as she swam beneath the sea. "Are you okay?"
He'd stopped himself and treaded water over the Bimini Road, his swim fins moving slowing as he steadied himself to film their new surroundings. "I feel like I'm gonna be sick any minute, but I've lived to tell the tale. This looks like Bimini."
"But how can it be Bimini?" Shivers of fear ran across the back of her neck like a million tiny spider legs. She twisted her head to look over her shoulder, expecting to see the worst—whatever that could possibly be—but instead only saw the vastness of the ocean.
Josh motioned for them to surface before grabbing her elbow. In sync, they moved upward. He waited until they were above the water before pulling off his full-face mask. "The bigger question is where the hell is the boat?"
She twisted her mask until it rested on the top of her head and blinked at the rolling ocean surrounding them. Dread settled hard in her heart. Not only had they been transported miles from where they'd begun, they were completely alone in the wide open water.
"Fuck," she said.
Hand still on her arm, he pulled her against his side and nodded to the left. "There's an island. We need to swim for it. Think. We left at eight and were only at sea for a few hours. It's not even noon yet. We can take it slow and steady." He lifted his arm from the water and looked at the watch he always wore that also served as a compass.
"That's miles away, Josh." Not one to usually complain about a challenge, she couldn't deny how beat up her body felt after that whirlwind of underwater action. That paired with the equipment they carried on their backs felt like insurmountable.
"Then we'd better start now." He flashed her his famous Josh-the-Fearless-Hero smile.
* * *
Oh, he'd be damned if he'd let her know how freaked out he was. They'd been swimming for two hours and the island still loomed out of reach. Insidious fear whispered through his mind that it could all be a trick of the Triangle. Maybe they were swimming toward a mirage.
"We've got company." She yanked back on his arm before pulling her full mask over her face, hooking up the regulator, and dipping her head beneath the surface. When she looked back up, she confirmed his suspicion. "There's a shark checking us out. Hammerhead. I only see one. "
"Being on the surface makes us look like dinner. Let's go down." He glanced at the island. He knew it was a risk either way, but he felt safer beneath the water in this situation. "Remember when we swam with the sharks in Barbados? We went to the bottom and became very still. Let's do that."
She blinked at him a minute before nodding. "What do we have to lose, right?"
"Right." Damn, he wanted to turn back time and take up a safer profession. He could be a professor at Berkley now, flirting with coeds and going out for happy hours.
"We've been through worse things," she said their usual phrase that they repeated to one another when facing the absolute worst thing they'd ever encountered. She produced a cord above the water before reaching beneath the surface to wrap it around her waist and then his. Their legs slid together. "We stay together no matter what, right?"
He saw a fin break the surface about ten feet behind her before pulling his gaze to her face. "Don't move. It's coming to get a closer look."
Their gaze locked.
The shark moved past them, out of reach, as if debating on whether or not they would make a nice lunch.
Both hands on her sides, he held her close and never looked away from her face. Even though she put up the badass-adventurer facade, he could see the fear dance in her eyes. Black hair flattened to her neck. He felt her heartbeat as he held her firmly against his chest.
"We'll go down slow, non-threatening like—"
"Like he'll feel threatened by us?" she asked.
"Just like Barbados, okay?"
"Only without the rum punch waiting for us when we're done or the snipers on the boat ready to—"
"Shh..." He slammed his mouth against hers, feeling that if this were their last minutes on earth, he wanted to be her last kiss. Her fingernails sank into his shoulders as her mouth opened to his and her body plastered as close as it could while their legs moved in unison to keep them upright.
They felt the whoosh slide by them, the mass of the shark apparent, without breaking their kiss. Eyes wide open to one another, they held on until they felt the absence of the predator.
"We'd better go." He pulled his mask over his face and watched her do the same.
Both double-checked the other's regulators before silently slipping beneath the waves. The shark loomed in sight circling as they sank toward the bottom, breathing slow and steady to limit the bubbles they would create. The Bimini Road still laid out beneath them, creating an ominous almost fateful feeling to their situation. Searchers for adventure and mysteries, they were alone amid ruins while at the mercy of a predator.
They settled between the large stones, eyes on one another rather than their new friend who now dominated the water above them.
"Do you think we're getting all of this on camera?" she asked, using all of her strength to remain still despite the current that pulled at them.
"Morbid thought. Who do you think's going to find it if something happens to us? We're miles off course from where we began." He glanced up toward the shark before allowing himself to appreciate the magnificence of the stones surrounding them.
"People like us, I suppose." She grinned and linked her fingers with his. "No regrets here, Ryder."
"I have a few regrets, to be honest...but none of them are about partnering up with you."
They remained steady for a few minutes, settled between the ancient stones on a sandy bottom, before looking up and around.
No shark could be seen.
He looked to his left, then his right. Only a clear Caribbean Sea for a good fifty feet before it fell to shadow. A glance at his compass showed him the way toward the island. Without saying another word, he motioned for her to swim.
Staying low to the sandy bottom, they moved away from the ruins toward the island, with only a few stops to check their air pressure and the safety of the waters surrounding them.
"We're getting low on air, best to surface. I think our friend has decided we're not good enough to eat," he said after they'd traveled a long while and empty ocean had transformed to reefs with active sea life.
She nodded without saying a word and he knew she battled exhaustion. They moved once again toward the surface.
"We're close," she gasped after pulling off her mask and inhaling the air.
The island loomed close.
"How'd we get this far so soon?" A glance at his watch indicated that they'd traveled miles within an hour. Impossible.
"Nothing about this day makes sense. Let's get to land." She started a steady swim toward the beach.
Tied together, they stumbled into the shallows, ripped off their swim fins, and waded toward the beach. Without saying a word, they collapsed onto the sand and stared at the flawless blue sky above. Palm trees whispered a welcome with their swaying palms.
"Josh...Bethany...Over." A faint transmission sounded from their discarded masks. "Josh...Bethany...Over. Come in, please."
He scrambled to grab it and answer. "This is Josh. Over. We're on an island near the Bimini Road. Over."
Beth peeled off her gear without looking away from his face. Sand stuck to her skin and hair. Chest heaved with exhaustion. Eyes were wide with both hope and concern.
"This is Josh. Over. Come in Don...Jack...Come in. Over." Static. "If you can hear us, we're somewhere on an island near the Bimini Road." He held the receiver to his forehead and prayed they'd heard him and that they could somehow get to them.
"The good news is that we're not in another realm." Her twisted grin made him laugh.
Unbelievably, after all that, he laughed. His whole body quaked with relief.
She leaned over him to untie the cord that had held them together, the curve of her breasts slid against his shoulder. They made eye contact, laughter fresh on their lips.
"We've been through worse things." He shrugged before grabbing the back of her head and grinding his mouth against hers.
Her tongue toyed with his before teeth lightly bit his lower lip. Need pulsated through her touch as she framed his head between her hands.
"Bad idea," she whispered.
She rolled away from him, just out of reach, pulled open her gear, and rifled through it before tossing a granola bar in his direction. Hugging her knees to her chest, she ate her own snack while keeping her gaze deliberately focused on the horizon.
He freed himself from his gear before mirroring her pose on the sand. They'd find shelter if need be, but for now silent companionship seemed best. The weight of all they'd survived and witnessed settled between them while the white curve of the waves kissed the sand at their feet.
* * *

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