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Let's Misbehave! Sexy, Playful Foreplay #relationships #romance

Who said being an adult had to be boring? 
I'm Amber Lea Easton, aka The Temptress, and I'm here to have some fun. I hope you are, too. I'm a romantic suspense and contemporary romance author who enjoys pushing boundaries. Nothing turns me on more than making my readers squirm with tension from a suspenseful storyline or sensuous seduction scene. I may not write erotica per se, but I get the job done, baby! When I think of temptation, I automatically smile. The word alone makes me think of decadence, impulse, exploration, laughter, and boldness. On Tempt Me Tuesdays, I intend to delve into all of those elements of temptation with lighthearted glee! I enjoy comments on my blog posts, so please interact as often as possible. Let's have some fun together!


The last time I was in Mexico on a girls' trip, the big thing seemed to be doing body shots off of hot guys' abdomens...and hot girls. It's both playful and erotic to lick tequila (or whatever) off of a stranger's body. For some reason, this is socially acceptable in Cabo San Lucas and—you know what they say—when in Rome (or Cabo) do as the Romans (or Caboans...is that word?).

Being playful is something we as adults need to keep in our repoirtoire as both lovers and humans beings. When we play, we relax. When we relax, we open our minds to new ideas. We laugh more. We are absorbed in the moment.

When did we become inhibited? As kids we used to toss paint at each other and laugh until some teacher told us "to behave." I say, "MISBEHAVE!" Throw out all those illusions about being an adult and get on with it already. 
  • Buy some body paints and write erotic messages on your lover's body and have him/her do the same to you. 
  • Pour some wine between your breasts and ask him to help clean up your "spill." 
  • Get playful in the kitchen and smear cake batter over his face…see what happens next.
  • Feed each other at dinner, a spoonful of whatever goes a long way to turning someone on, especially when you maintain eye contact. 
The point of all this is simple: stay playful and open to misbehaving. Being an 'adult' doesn't equal becoming boring! Fun doesn't equal irresponsibility! 

Speaking of tequila and body shots...here's an excerpt from my best selling romantic adventure, ANONYMITY, where tequila makes an excellent accessory to foreplay. 

Inside tropical flowers of bright pinks, yellows and reds had been thrown over the bed. In a hurry, he'd bought whatever he could find and tossed them around before catching the water taxi in search of her. Their scent overwhelmed the room. He laid her down on them.
"What did you do?" She pushed up on her elbows, eyes wide.
"Oh, there's more...wait until tomorrow. I made plans." He slid his hands beneath the hem of her dress.
"Why?" She looked shocked rather than happy.
He stopped his upward movement and met her gaze. "Do I need a reason? I thought you'd like it."
She grabbed his face, a look of awe in her eyes. "No one has ever given me flowers before, let alone done this. I don't know what to say."
"Say thank you." He kissed her. Later he'd think about her jerk of fiancé never giving her flowers, but for now he wanted her clothes off.
"Thank you."
"See how easy that was?" He pushed her dress up, his eyes feasting on her body and noticing the bruises from yesterday marring her skin.
"You make me happy," she whispered.
Satisfaction swelled his heart. Making her happy made him feel heroic, much more than anything he'd done yesterday.
She scooted further back onto the bed and removed her bra with a flourish that made him laugh. A wicked smile full of promise on her face, she grabbed one of the flowers and rubbed the petals between her breasts.
With her watching, he took his time removing his clothes. Shirt. Shorts. Briefs.
"I've never had a man do a strip tease for me. This night gets better and better."
"Do you trust me?" He kissed the inside of her ankle before crawling up her body like a predator about to devour his prey.
"More than I probably should," she admitted.
He grabbed a bottle of tequila from where he'd stashed it beneath the pillow and held it up to view once he'd reached her face. "I believe I owe you a tequila bath."
He kissed her slowly, savoring every nuance of her lips moving against his and absorbing the intoxicating scent of the flowers surrounding them. Her fingers skimmed over his face before moving down his back with a featherlike caress that created goose bumps on his skin.
He slid down to her breasts, poured tequila between them and licked from her abdomen up to each nipple until she squirmed beneath him. While his mouth savored her breasts, his hands pushed her panties down her legs.
He trickled tequila over her abdomen before pouring some between her thighs. He looked at her watching him and handed her the bottle. Bending his head, he lapped up the liquor, licked, sucked, and moved his fingers in and out of her until her hips bucked with urgency. He spread her legs further apart and used his tongue to bring her to climax.
"I need you, Luke." She tugged at his hair.
He licked the inside of her thighs, his hands moving over every inch of her as if worshiping a Goddess, before lifting to her face and kissing her breathless.
In an abrupt movement, she rolled them over and took command. Tequila in her hand she did to him what he'd done to her. She licked her way down his body. Her hand moved over his erection. She looked up at him, made eye contact, and flicked her tongue over the tip.
He couldn't take anymore. He rolled her onto her stomach and bit her shoulder.
He held her hips with both hands and thrust into her until she screamed with ecstasy. He wanted to go as deep as possible, claim her as his so she'd feel him long after they parted ways. He wanted her to think of him always. When he finally came, he lost himself in rolling pleasure.
He fell on top of her and heard her laughing against the flowers.
"You've ruined me for anyone else, you know that, don't you?"
"That's my plan," he gasped against the back of her shoulder.
He moved to her side and shoved hair from her eyes.
"What else do you have planned for me?" She caressed his lips with her thumb.

"You'll need to wait and see." He kissed her because that's all he ever wanted to do. Kiss her, make love with her, laugh with her, explore with her...only with her.

Keep it sexy!
Amber Lea Easton
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