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Keep the Flame Burning #TemptMeTuesdays #Romance

Never Let the Fire Die...
I'm Amber Lea Easton, aka The Temptress, and I'm here to have some fun. I hope you are, too. I'm a romantic suspense and contemporary romance author who enjoys pushing boundaries. Nothing turns me on more than making my readers squirm with tension from a suspenseful storyline or sensuous seduction scene. I may not write erotica per se, but I get the job done, baby! When I think of temptation, I automatically smile. The word alone makes me think of decadence, impulse, exploration, laughter, and boldness. On Tempt Me Tuesdays, I intend to delve into all of those elements of temptation with lighthearted glee! I enjoy comments on my blog posts, so please interact as often as possible. Let's have some fun together!

Keep the flame burning

            In today’s impersonal technological society with overloaded work schedules and limited free time, it’s easy to label romance as frivolous. But is letting someone know you think they’re special truly a waste of time?  I don’t think so.  I believe with all of my heart that the busier we are, the more important it is to keep the flame of romance alive.  Let’s face it--when we’re 80 years old and the pace of our younger years has slowed, we’re going to want to walk the path of life holding the hand of our best friend. 

            The word ‘romance‘ may intimidate some people.  Perhaps they think it needs to be over-the-top gestures that cost a fortune or require a great deal of effort.  Maybe you think romance is only reserved for special occasions like anniversaries or holidays. That’s not the case, though.  True romance is simple. 

*  Send a text message that says “thinking of you”.  None of us are too busy to do that, no matter how important we think we are.  It’s amazing how receiving such a simple message can completely change someone’s day, make them pause in the hectic world and smile with the knowledge that someone out there thinks they’re amazing.  
* Let your significant other know how thankful you are for them being in your life by actually saying the words, “thank you”.  What?  Really?  Thank you?  That’s it?  Yes. “Thank you for dinner” or “thank you for listening to me” go a long way in letting someone know they’re valued. 
* A random foot massage can completely awe your significant other.  The next time you’re winding down from the day or after a nice date when you’re cozying up on the sofa, just start giving your significant other a foot massage while watching television or having an easy conversation.  Foot massages are easy to do on the fly because most people have their shoes off when kicking back after the day so it requires little prep work and provides the perfect opportunity for spontaneity. 
* Always find an opportunity to touch. Whether it’s at the dinner table, passing each other in the kitchen, driving in the car...touch each other.  Connect. 

            What I’m saying is that romance isn’t about gifts or grandiose gestures. Romance is about letting someone know that they are special to you, it’s about making someone a priority over the meeting you’re going to or the game on Facebook, it’s about establishing a connection built on trust and admiration. Romance is what keeps that love connection burning and building.  
            With our crazy lifestyle these days, it’s easy to let stress be the focus of our day to day existence.  But that’s not what life is about--it’s not.  Life is about love.  Life is about how me make someone else feel.  Life is about the relationships we create along the way.  So be romantic today. Let someone know how special they are to you.  Even if you’re not in a love relationship, go ahead and tell someone you love today that they’re on your mind.  It’ll make them smile--and what an amazing gift that is!

Amber Lea Easton
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