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GIVEAWAY Today with Tymber Dalton and her Drunk Monkeys!

Today on Wanton Wednesdays I bring you the sweetest flower, the sexy story teller, the one... the only... The Queen of Snarkology herself, Tymber Dalton!  

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Of Drunk Monkeys and Various Things…
By Tymber Dalton.

“Drunk what?”

Hubby is used to hearing some pretty outlandish things come from my mouth, considering the wide variety of things that I write. (“Is a dragon heating frozen sausage links at the table with his breath funny?” “I’m ordering HO-scale woodchippers for my desk. Don’t be alarmed.” “Hey, I’m buying another shotgun, since I’m writing about skeet, that’s tax deductible, right?” “Well, I don’t usually WEAR pants when I’m writing, so why aren’t my PJs considered ‘work uniforms’ and tax deductible?”)

He’s a pretty patient guy.

Even stumbling across a sticky note with “Don’t forget castration punishment,” stuck to my monitor doesn’t phase him anymore.

Gotta love that.

But, after seventeen years together this coming Saturday, I suppose he’s pretty used to me by now. LOL

He might have questioned my sanity a little, however, when I tossed my new series idea at him. I should add, Hubby’s a mystery, thriller, and sweet romance kind of reader. He’s not much into sci-fi, or post-apocalyptic fiction, at all. Whereas I grew up reading Ray Bradbury, Asimov, Harry Harrison, Heinlein, Piers Anthony, etc.

“What do you think about a series that’s the A-Team meets Mad Max meets The Walking Dead, without zombies?”

Blank stare. (To be fair, he does watch The Walking Dead with me.)

And, also, to be fair, the idea for this series is sort of my bestie Tara Rose’s fault. I was kvetching at her one morning in IMs that my iPad Facebook app was wonky, and that it acted like it was coded by a bunch of Drunk Monkeys.

Sometimes, a series just lays itself all out in front of you like that. All ten books, the full series story arc, everything.

As a pantster, when that happens, everything else gets dropped and I listen to the call of “The Voices.”

There was a series in the 80s and 90s I loved called the Doomsday Warrior. Post-apocalyptic, US versus Soviet Russia, nuclear holocaust, all that good stuff. So this series, in a way, is an updated and erotic homage to much of what I loved reading in high school and college.

Sometimes, a writer just has to follow “The Voices” or risk burnout. I know post-apocalyptic fiction isn’t everyone’s cuppa. But I personally adore the genre. I don’t read only one genre of books, and I can’t force myself to only write in one genre, either. That’s just me.

But I love a good post-apocalyptic yarn.

And Hubby says all the survivalist and homesteading books, as well as my slingshot and other stuff, now fall into the realm of “research.”

The writer, for the win.

Like a boss.

I guess I should add I have another post-apocalyptic series I’m working on in my free (hahasnortgiggle) time, but it’s definitely going to take a while to write.

Now if I could just figure out how to work skeet into this as well…

Tymber Dalton is a native Floridian residing in the Tampa Bay area, along with her reformed Buckeye husband of seventeen years and too many animals of various species. A real-life poly practitioner of BDSM, the skeet-shooting novelist is otherwise fairly boring and really doesn’t have much else going on, unless you count her weekly DnD dice-rolling sessions with friends. (Version 3.5, thank you very much.) She’s mostly published as Tymber Dalton, but you can also find her under Lesli Richardson, Tessa Monroe, and Macy Largo.

You can find her on the web at:

Her Siren-BookStrand author page is:
Her Tymber Dalton Amazon page is:

The first three of her ten-book Drunk Monkeys series are available from Siren-BookStrand, with books 4-10 coming soon:

Book 1 – Monkey Business
Book 2 – Monkey’s Uncle
Book 3 – Monkey Wrench


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  1. Great cover and sounds cool. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. I adore all of her writings. I love the unexpected turns, twists, humor, and gut wrenching emotion all wrapped up in one package.

  3. Love the Drunk Monkeys so far!

  4. I have read the first 2 of the series. So far pretty cool. Looking forward to the remainder of them.

  5. I enjoy all that you write and I figure your kind of apocalypse is way more likely than lots of other scenarios I've seen in books and movies. I am however missing your space/science fiction books - hasn't been one out in a long while.

  6. Enjoyed the post! Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. I love all TD's books, I have not read one that has not made me cry, and by that I mean the amount of feelings she puts into her books really make you feel for the characters, they are not only stories they are really people, (I know they are not but that is how they make you feel), Any time they put tymber's books up for pre-order it goes into my cart without even reading about the book. Thanks for the many great hours of reading. If you have not read a story by Tymber Dalton I encourage you to do so. Just make sure if it is a series, you read #1 first or you really miss out.

  8. I have loved all of Tymber Daltons books and these new ones don't disappoint. Keep writing Tymber!

  9. I am loving the Drunk Monkeys series so far. I love that the series has a short wait time. Thanks for sharing your process. I hope the space characters start chatting again soon!

    rnrjewel at gmail dot com

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